Sunday, 30 October 2011


It's strange how that feeling affects you when you're faced with something you can't do anything about even if you can't at first see the danger. As the lights went on in the dungeon I immediately opened my eyes, the light level was very low to anyone entering from daylight. For me though, who'd been in pitch darkness for what seemed hours, it was bright enough to make me screw up my eyes in defence.
My master descended the steps and stood in front of me. I could see his leathers reflecting the wall lights, a smooth sheen on his boots whilst the trousers and vest showed the creases and multiple reflections of their surfaces. I then saw his mask. I knew he had one of those executioners' types but he didn't often wear it. I remembered that, when he did, it was generally because he was in an exceptionally hard mood. And something new, the leather arm bands. They completed the overall look, that of one of a real medieval torturer with a body builder's physique. Suddenly the inside the cage felt safe. The steel bars afforded no defence against whatever he chose to do to me but it felt so much more vulnerable when he opened the cage and pulled me out by the neck. I was stiff and cold and did not find it easy to move.
I stood waiting. My arms were pinioned and I was being held by the chain from my neck. There was a feeling of challenge. I get them sometimes. I began an erection at the thought. They always end the same way but I still persist in thinking I can overcome what he intends. If only.
He just stood there. I looked up at his face then straight ahead into his chest as I was taught. It was then I first caught a glance of the gloves I'd bought and put out for him to try. I stood still as did he. Everything happened so quickly after that.
I just about had time to tense my stomach as I saw him bring his arm round, hand in a tight fist. I felt surprise and pain, the first blow went straight into my gut. I caught my breath, immediately my eyes concentrated on the gloves he was wearing and tried to prepare for the next blow that was sure to follow. The gloves! I'd seen them on line and thought they'd be a hot addition to his wardrobe. I hadn't thought so much about their use.That was when my mind alerted me to my new vulnerability. Up to now I could generally see what was coming, the whip, cane, strap and on my back or arse. He was now delivering pain in a totally random, totally unexpected  way. As I looked up again I first heard the thud of his fist as it ploughed into my abdomen and then felt the red hot, heavy dragging agony as it shocked through me from my stomach to my shoulders. It was like being hit by a wrecking ball. I felt my knees go, I couldn't catch a breath, there was no support from my muscles. I think I sank down but the tension on the chain kept me upright.
 It lasted a very short time. His fist came up and landed a vicious blow to my face. My mouth seemed to fill with blood, iron-salty tasting, I spat and swallowed and choked trying to catch my breath. My wrists were raw as they tried to force their way out of the irons that held them rigid. Then he hit me under the eye. My  brain went fuzzy. It's difficult to remember in detail. I let go inside. I couldn't resist and I felt wide open to any and all the punishment he wanted to put my body through. I think I fell forward, I was dribbling spit and blood, to curl up into a ball was what my brain had told my body to try and do. I saw nothing but black leather with my one open eye. My head was being held up, the iron collar was cutting into my neck as all my weight was supported by it. I started to mutter something about mercy but in my head I wanted him to finish me off, to simply hit me into oblivion, I could be unconscious and he could feel fulfilled.
Being hit in the balls is like nothing else. It reverberates through you to your head, your ears scream and you get that giddy sick feeling all at once, that and the pain from the point of impact which seems to go on and on at the same intensity. I heard a scream which must have been me and all I could see was his black leathered body in front of my face. I closed my good eye and saw bright yellow circles of light in my head.  He grabbed the chain even harder and jerked me forward into his crotch where his huge erect cock was waiting for my injured mouth. I don't think I opened it, he simply thrust himself into me, pushing hard into my throat. What pain I had was now secondary to my need to breathe. His piston like cock cut off my airflow and was making me retch, choke, spit blood and whimper whenever I could gasp for breath.. But there was no let up. I made noises in my throat, pulled my head back hard to no avail as the collar prevented any relief and inside my head I gave up to the power he presented over me. Even through all this I was sucking with all my strength. There was something deep down inside me that wanted him to cum into me, that wanted to take his juices, to feel him as part of me. This was a new challenge and I wanted desperately to win or at least come up to expectations. I wanted to cum with him. Inside my injured cock and balls there was a heat of passion. He got closer. His  huge shaft managed to increase in size in those last few moments before his roaring scream filled the dungeon and thick wads of spunk were mixed with my bloody spit as I swallowed everything he shot into me. He had to continue to support my weight by the chained collar as he guided my mouth to lick the last few drops of cream off his cock shaft. He then let go. I sank into the ball I had tried to be earlier. I had no thoughts of anything except rest but my semi erect cock wasn't so sure.

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