Sunday 24 June 2012

The Cell

The bolt made no noise as I pulled it back. I didn't expect it to considering how well oiled it was but still I was careful. I doubt if he'd have heard much even if his ears were not sealed with the plugs I had inserted, with them in place he was in complete isolation a far as sound was concerned. He probably felt a slight shift in the air temperature but that would have been all. I came back about every half hour or so just to check up on him, to make sure he had been good. Good was a relative term here of course. It also meant "how horny was I feeling at that moment" as well as "was he grunting or whining or struggling" and the punishment depended on all or any of those things.
I looked at him, naked with a sheen of sweat over his torso. He was gagged with a very effective muzzle that cupped his chin, covered his mouth and was strapped over his head where it was padlocked at the back to a decently heavy steel collar. The gag that was an integral part of the muzzle was not long enough to continually affect his gag reflex, it was big enough in diameter to hold his tongue down and force his mouth against the pull of the chin cup but not enough to choke him. I'd strapped it up comfortably tight, comfortably for me that is. The collar was tightly clipped to the rear wall of the cell so that if he tried to turn his head to the side it scraped on the rough concrete surface. The cell was nearly two and a half feet deep, three from side to side, about eight feet high and simply made of rough concrete. The heavy steel door was made to fit tightly enough so no light could seep into this area when it was shut. A metal hoop chained at three points held his waist still whilst heavy manacles held his ankles to each side wall. His wrists were also locked in steel restraints slightly in front of him and out at about 45 degrees, then clipped tightly to each side wall. I'd fixed a soft leather parachute to his balls. This was smooth black leather on the outside although there were a number of small blunt spikes on the inside. They were of no consequence until, of course, it was pulled down and they started to bite. Fixed to the bottom of the parachute was a small bungee cord and fixed to the bungee cord was a small chain. This was attached to a hook in the floor, the pressure on his ball sack responding to whichever loop of the chain I decided to fix to the hook.
The only other items he wore were nipple clamps and these were what I was considering as I looked at him. He'd pissed himself. This was of no matter and I expected something like that after all this time. I'd filled him with over two pints of water through a funnel gag before locking him in place and if he was too good I'd not have so much fun. I gently ran the back of my hand down his chest. He moaned into the gag. Another point against him. I'd told him to keep quiet after all. I ran both hands up his arms to his shoulders, he breathed in lightly and quickly. Then I just stood there for several minutes and waited. I could sense him relaxing. I reached out in a single move and snatched the clamps off his nipples. He gasped and choked whilst trying unsuccessfully to scream into the gag. I liked that bit.
He would never know what was going to happen next. He was in his own black, silent world of pain and expectation. If I was feeling generous I would wait a few more minutes then put the clamps back on. This cruelly made the pain even more excruciating, if I was feeling horny or he had displeased me in any way like pissing on the floor I would tighten them before putting them back. This generally made him thrash and scream, as far as it was possible to do either in his position, for at least 30 seconds if not more before sobbing into the gag, his body going limp once more. I sometimes added to my pleasure by pulling the bungee chain one or two rings further down and hooking them off. This elicited more of a gasp and successive panting than a scream but was entertaining all the same.
Well, he'd pissed and moaned so it was a couple of turns on each clamp and a couple of rings of the chain. I turned each of the small screw heads in a clockwise direction. They would really be biting now, made all the worse by the fact that his nipples were red and tender, the blood only just having got back into them. I decided to put them on him one at a time after playing with his cock for a short time. This might make him feel safer, shame.  He relaxed and slumped forward an inch or two, maybe thinking his ordeal was over as I fingered his bell end and helped his cock become semi erect. Every few seconds I would let go then repeat the action. He got harder and his breathing became faster. I sped up the wanking until he was thrusting his hips and his delightful 6 inches of flesh was bobbing about in front of him. I then grabbed the chain and pulled down. The gasp turned to a muffled cry and he unsuccessfully tried to bend his knees which made him choke on the tight steel collar. I laughed as I then reached forward and snapped a clip onto his left nipple. The choking cry filled the cell, not difficult I admit, although quite a feat considering the size of the gag. This was repeated as I clamped the second onto this right breast. The screaming gurgling noise was effectively muted by closing the door and bolting it. I'd be back later.

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Gardening 2

The rest of that day was quite memorable. Looking back at it from today, seven days later, I should have noticed the signs. They would at least have given me a clue to the fact that something was up. After the one lash of that whip I carried on mowing, straight this time. It got hotter and I dearly wanted to wipe my face or scratch in places where insects had landed or grass had stuck to my sweaty skin. Sir sat fiddling with a small parcel he had on the bench next to him, occasionally looking up at me and stroking his crotch. The grass definitely needed a cut and consequently the grass box kept filling. He had to get up, collect the box, walk up the garden to the compost heap and empty it then return to the mower. It gave me a couple of minutes rest every couple of lengths. Suited me fine but it didn't suit him. After about three excursions he'd had enough. He told me I'd have to do it myself but before he unlocked the manacles he said he'd let me try out his new purchase. I thought it was a new cock harness the way he undid the zips on the pouch and pulled out my balls but I then noticed it was slightly bigger than that. He tightened two bands around my cock after first giving it enough exercise to bring it horizontal and followed that by enclosing a small black box in the shorts as he did them up again. It felt cold but in no way painful.
"Ok boi, back to the mowing. Any slacking and I press this button." he held up a small remote in his hand. I obviously looked curious, a mistake. He took this as an invitation to demonstrate, pressed it and I fell to my knees with the shock that hit my genitals. Chuckling he unlocked my wrists.
"Nothing new about the science, but this one works over a greater distance. I'm going to the porch for a cold beer but I'll be watching. Even if I can't see you I'll hear the mower. Better make sure the sound remains constant." He touched the button again and my hand shot to my groin to alleviate the pain, with no success.
"And I'll give you 30 seconds to empty the box, after that it's show time."
It took me roughly fifty minutes to finish the job although it felt like a couple of hours. I managed to "earn" several zaps in that time, either being too slow at the grass emptying or too slow at the pushing although I felt sure his time keeping was a matter of opinion. He zapped me once as I was carrying the full grass box and I emptied it over the lawn as I bent double in pain. That earned another which caught me as I quickly scooped up the cuttings with my hands. I fancied I could hear him laughing quietly from the house.

Once everything was finished with the grass and I'd cleaned the blades I put all the equipment back into the shed. The leather was rubbing on my thighs now and my body was in great need of a shower. I walked back to the house and stood in front of the doors to the conservatory waiting for Sir to appear. He did so within a couple of minutes and handed me leather restraints to buckle onto my ankles and wrists. I was then told to follow him. We went through the kitchen, into the hall and down the steps to the cellar. I shivered as the cool air found my damp skin and made my nipples stand erect. I suppose that he'd had enough of a rest this afternoon and now wanted some fun, something to play with. Of course I was the toy.
The roof of the cellar had some natural beams built in but we had added more in a design that crisscrossed the original pattern so that when hooks or eyes were screwed into the wood there were so many combinations for bondage and suspension we'd never be at a loss. Today was no exception. My wrists were clipped to ropes that pulled my arms up and out wide, my ankles to similar points behind me. When the hoist was activated I was spread eagled about four feet from the ground in a shallow upward curve. The hoist motors could raise or lower each limb independently if needed. Sir raised me further so that he could once again unzip the pouch holding the electro box. This time he set it to activate on movement, the more I moved the closer together and more powerful the shocks would become. He then redid the zipper and lowered me until I was in line with his thighs.
"This should be interesting boi," he said reaching for his flogger, heavy black leather tails some of which had vicious little knots tied at their ends. "I'll flog you. I won't touch the remote. If you move too much in your upside down hammock position then you'll shock yourself. That'll be your fault of course. I don't advise moving much though as it's set to max as its ultimate stopping point."
I looked at the concrete floor beneath me. My arms were straining now, the weight of my body after a couple of hours hard pushing that mower was taking its toll. He had them positioned slightly higher than my legs specifically so that they would be taking more of the weight. I knew from experience that the flogger would make me swing from side to side even if I didn't buck or struggle from the heavy blows they delivered, I had no chance of stopping that movement unless I pulled on my arms to tighten my body between the bonds. I could hardly do that shocks or no shocks.
The first blow came. He aimed at my shoulders which meant a few leather tails extended round and under my arm pits. That made me scream immediately and I jerked in pain as the involuntary spasm rocked through me. Nothing happened at first. The second lash followed the same pattern making me thrash as the flogger bit into the tender flesh on my sides. This activated the first shock, mild but enough to make me jolt again in that position. I heard him give a satisfying sigh. Although the heavy leather shorts were protecting my arse he made sure that my back, chest and legs were well used, aiming especially for the insides of my thighs as he walked round me taking pot shots with the whip tails. I jerked and yelled as they ploughed into my legs arching my body upwards in pain, collapsing as the electro tore my cock open from the inside. I was no longer shivering, my sweat ran in tiny rivulets over my forehead onto my lips where they met at my chin and dropped onto the dull stone floor. He made several circuits of my suspended form as it jerked in unison with the flogging followed by the electric shocks that pulsed through my crotch. He made sure I felt both by giving a ten second pause between strokes, just enough for the pulse to crank up to full power before letting me fall back from the contorted shapes it was pulling me into only to meet with the agony of the whip tearing my forearm or shoulder. Openly crying and without the energy to scream I began to fall into that semi oblivion called sub space. The blows stopped and I hung almost still, my chest heaving slightly as my breathing returned to normal. The shocks finished as there was no movement to initiate further pulses of power. Sir stood at my head and, unfastening his leathers, offered me his magnificent cock. It stood rampant from his groin rejoicing in the freedom it felt after straining inside it's leather cage, oozing precum. He pulled my hair up and I opened my mouth, eager to suck him dry but with almost no energy with which to act. He sensed my inability and thrust himself into me pushing himself down my throat until I retched, gasping for air as his crotch covered my face. This made the electro work, my suppressed yell of surprise opening my jaws even further. My choking gurgling yelling was finally quashed by the river of spunk that was being pumped into me as he came with the force of a cascade. I very nearly passed out with the sudden pain from the newly activated electrodes together with the suffocating effects of his cock as his hands forced my face into a position that enabled him to push his whole length down my throat.
I collapsed, if you can call it that, bound as I was, as he let go and swung gently from the ropes attached to my restraints. After deactivating the electro box he slowly lowered me into a sitting position where he could untie the ropes from the D rings and then swung me over his right shoulder, easily taking my weight up the stairs. When he got to his room he threw me face up onto the bed and began to unlock the shorts I was wearing. Taking them off I felt his hands gently massaging my balls and sensed my cock growing in anticipation. His mouth met mine and his tongue explored my mouth as his hand started it's rhythm up and down my now fast hardening organ. I don't think I consciously felt I wanted to cum, my whole body gave itself up to his attentions and I floated on waves that grew until I exploded in his grasp. I felt him next to me, his leathers warm to the touch as we lay there with the evening sun lighting the room.

Sunday 13 May 2012

Very First Meeting

I met Ben when I was 11. My family had recently moved from the south coast to Suffolk for work reasons, I had moved from a Grammar school of 450 to a Comprehensive of 1200. It's always difficult to join a class mid year and I did what I thought best, keep my head down and mind my own business. There were the same assortment of social groups in my class, the "in crowd" of good looking, tall athletic types with their girl friend hangers on through to the thugs, in this case Baz Reynolds and his side kick Dogger.
I only knew Ben by sight at that point, he'd nodded to me once or twice as we passed in the corridor but I recognised him as being one of the main "in crowd", handsome with a swimmers build and a pleasant, quiet manner.
I had brought my racing bike with me, used all the time on the Hampshire lanes and hills, but it wasn't much good on the woodland trails and farm tracks I now had to ride over so dad and I went to one of those Police Auctions and came back with a recovered, nearly new BMX. I touched up all the scrapes where it had obviously been mishandled when stolen and polished everything else until it looked virtually new. I then rode it to school. Mistake one. Apparently, according to Baz and Dogger, if you had a new bike you were both queer, a pouf and fair game for a beating. I gave them two fingers and ignored them. Mistake two.
Leaving the cycle park one afternoon after a rugby practice -where I handled the ball at least once while Ben and the other guys, whom I'd loved to have been like, took charge of the rest of the game- I felt a hand round my throat and I was pushed up against the Science block wall hitting my head hard. There was Baz staring into my face. I lashed out as best I could and even kicked a bit but he tightened his grip and gobbed on my face while Dogger snatched the bike and tried some violent donuts on the shingle dropping it in the process. He knew what he was doing too. I felt his fingers feeling for a pressure point before I went limp and slid down the brickwork, the scene before me fading to black.
A few seconds later I began to recover only to see Baz bent double with a trickle of blood on his face, then swearing loudly as he ran off, and no sign of the sidekick anywhere. A hand pulled me upright against the wall again and held me there. I waited for the blow to hit me but instead Ben asked if I was ok. The sun was in my eyes and I didn't at first recognise him in sihouette. He told me not to take any more shit from those two losers and was pretty sure I wouldn't have to from now on. He'd come to collect his bike and thought it his moral duty to kick Bazzer's arse as no one liked him, and anyway Ben had a few scores of his own to settle in that direction.
I muttered some thanks, totally incoherent as I think back. I was embarrassed that I had to be rescued but there was something else as well. Stronger than all the other feelings, sort of grateful but more so. My gut was churning but I didn't at the time realise why. Mixed up with all the other emotions of the minute, anger, fear, embarrassment, gratefulness, I wanted to grab Ben and hold on to him. I'd never experienced anything like it before and it took me by surprise. I wanted to get away, as if that desire was printed on my face and I didn't want him to see it. He picked up my bike and wheeled it back to me.
"It's a bit scuffed I'm afraid" he said.
"I can see to it" I answered looking at the damage but not really seeing it.
"You ride much?" he continued.
"I want to," I began, "but....."
"But you don't know where to go and you don't care to do it alone?" He finished it for me.
"You live in one of those places set back from the road near the top of Thorpe Hill don't you?"
I didn't know how Ben could have known this but I said yes.
"If you're free on Saturday I'll come past and meet you, we can do the medium length trail, that'll  be enough for you if you're not used to it," Ben smiled as he spoke.
I agreed without taking a breath. We parted then. He rode off whilst I grabbed my back pack from where it lay on the gravel after Baz kicked it and wheeled my bike out of the school grounds in a bit of a daze.
I made myself a quiet promise that when out on the bikes at the weekend I would definitely not show Ben that I wasn't used to it, even if it killed me, and I had an overwhelming feeling that everything felt right all of a sudden. That feeling has held good in the thirty years since.

Sunday 29 April 2012

Gardening 1

I stood naked, apart from a leather belt, facing the whipping bench in the dungeon. The door at the top of the stairs was half open and the sunlight lit the side of his boots as he came down the steps. I liked to see that black leather shine, especially as I put it there. I quickly lowered my gaze and waited. No shackles, no rope. This time he simply pushed me over the side of the bench and told me to grasp the legs as he kicked mine further apart. I waited for the lash. It's the same feeling you get when you think someone is watching you but you don't know for certain, a sort of itch at the back of your neck. Well this time the itch was in my arse and I felt my cheeks clench and unclench as I looked at the concrete.
Several seconds later all I felt was a lubed latex finger rubbing round my hole before the pressure increased enough to part my sphincter and fully enter me. My eyes closed with the pleasure the feeling brought. His finger played with my prostate sending rivers of electricity up and down my thighs until he slowly withdrew to a quiet whimper from me. A drop of precum glistened as it very slowly oozed from my cock.
I felt one of his hands reach over my back and hold my shoulder, pulling it back slightly, as at the same time a new pressure was put on my hole. Cold and harder than a finger it pushed it's way slowly into me. I felt Sir pushing the plug in whilst pulling me back from sliding over the bench. It started to hurt as the diameter grew and forced my muscles apart. I waited for that pleasant moment they could close over the neck of the plug, securing it inside me but at least not stretching me further. I cried out as the pain increased. He let go of my shoulder and slapped my face, no words, I knew. More pressure brought tears to my eyes, I clenched my teeth trying not to protest further but felt the sound rise in my throat. He had his feet inside my ankles now as I automatically tried to bring my legs together, more pressure on my shoulder kept me from struggling. My hole felt like it was being pulled apart. The pain was red hot, it went up my spine like a spear. Just as I was about to scream he pulled me upright. Breathless I stood, legs apart and slightly bent. He held the plug in place with one hand and pulled on the leather straps that were attached to it up to my belt where they clipped on to the studs already there.
"That's not going anywhere in a hurry" he said sternly.
I felt round my backside. The plug was new, at least it hadn't been in me before. It must have been the shape of a traffic cone and felt twice as big, there was no "nice" neck for me to grasp and relax on. The neck was the widest part and it made me ache like nothing else. I felt like I was about to take a dump whilst the top must have been several inches inside me and rubbing on the same sweet spot that his finger had found only minutes before. Simply moving my weight on my legs made that feeling rise in my thighs, walking would be an assortment of pain and cock hardening eroticism.
He turned back to me and gave me a pair of leather shorts, not my usual ones. These were also new to me. Thicker, they had straps and buckles around the bottom of each leg as well as the waist. The front was a double zipped pouch which ended under that wide waist belt. I soon realised they were chastity shorts and I was about to be locked into them. When I had pulled them up to my waist he pulled each strap tight and locked each buckle with a small padlock which snapped shut in a very final sort of way. He pulled my cock down inside the pouch, it was still semi erect, and zipped it up, closing each one under the belt before locking that too.
I was plugged, quite hard now and still had that combination of arse ache and being fucked feeling.
"Ok boi, off you go. Lawn needs a bloody good mow. You know where everything is, I'll be up in a minute."

I knew where everything was all-right. The mower was a cylinder push mower with a 16 inch cut. The blades were as sharp as razors but he kept the mechanism dry and ever so slightly rusty. This meant I had to push hard to even start it moving, but at least it didn't harm his precious lawn. Once out of the shed you could see it was like any other rather dated mower apart from the handles. They had been adapted with a cross bar and a pair of shackles that were riveted in place. Once you held on to the handles these were locked on around your wrists. They were about 2 inches wide and a quarter of an inch thick making it difficult to bend the wrist, you simply had to keep pushing with you arms held in one position.
I knew the drill, I snapped the left one over my wrist and waited for him to come and do the same with my right. When he had done that, all the time telling me the usual things about how straight I had to make the lines and not to go too close to the edges, he gave me a thorough rubbing all over with sun screen. The one and only time he had forgotten that I burnt my back and shoulders, which he was then unable to whip for over a week. Actually he tried it but the skin split with the first stroke, I collapsed screaming and he put me to bed where I stayed for the rest of the day.
Glistening from the lotion I started to push. The plug made itself known immediately. As I made my way up and down the lawn each step shot charges up and down my legs. I had to bend slightly forward which made the point of the plug stroke my prostate which in turn gave me a hard on which in turn rubbed against the inside leather of the shorts, it was a blur of pleasure and pain. The blur ended when he shouted at me. I'd strayed off the straight and narrow, at least the straight and green, and he stood at the top of the garden pulling the single tailed whip through leather gloved fingers. I now had to slowly push the mower back up the lawn towards him knowing that when we met I'd get a stroke of the plaited leather tail. Each excruciating step drew that particular pain closer. I got to the top, turned and started to mow the next stripe. I knew what he would do, he was an expert in this. Too close and the whip would hit me full on but with very little speed. Too far and he'd miss altogether. The right distance was where my shoulders would be within about 6 inches of the tail when extended from his arm. It would crack on my skin with the maximum speed and efficiency, leaving a line where small pin pricks of blood would ooze from the surface and mix with the oily sweat. It looked worse than it was although the pain seared through me with no less effect.
It was like a bolt of electricity when it hit. I yelled but dared not stop. I desperately wanted to rub my forehead, to straighten my back, to wipe my eyes which were tearful from the whip but carried on mowing. One stripe was enough for now.

Saturday 7 April 2012

Next conclusion

The cellar dungeon was  completely dark, I mean no light at all. I couldn't tell if my eyes were open or closed except for the feeling of my eye lids. That helped, or rather insisted, that I concentrate on my pain and the reasons for it. My limbs were stretched tight to a point where every breath I took only half filled my lungs without me making an extra laboured effort. That made muscles ache and eventually cramp but was nothing compared to the relentless, deep seated ache from my balls. The cord pulling them made that particular torture very effective, biting into my soft skin whilst giving absolutely no relief from the gnawing feeling that started in my groin and worked its way through my gut to finally reach my throat. It felt like Sir had his boot in my stomach and continued to grind it round my bowels.
I had no options of course, I had to put up with it. Thoughts flashed through my mind as to why and all returned to the day before. It must have been James dropping me in it, or maybe lying and making it worse than it was making Sir think I was a complete let down.
Time passed. I don't know how long it was before the cellar door swung open and surprised me with a shaft of bright light across my face. The lights were turned up and Sir stood between my legs looking as magnificent as ever in black leather, from his boots to his shoulders, and from where I was looking about 10 feet tall.
"We need a bit of a chat" he said pulling up a chair and sitting down. He swung both legs across me and rested his heels on my stomach.
"Did you think James was too hard on you, I mean, compared with me say?"
That caught me unawares and I didn't quite know what to say at first, sounded like I could put my foot right in it if I wasn't careful. "He was pretty brutal" I answered.
"Don't you think I am then?"
Shit, that was a no brainer. Yes Sir could mean I had no excuse to act the way I did, No Sir could mean he upped the anti. "I take it from you because you are you Sir," was what came out.
"So, you consider me a reasonable Master?"
"I consider myself very fortunate to serve you Sir."
"Ah, so you don't think of questioning my orders then?"
"Sorry Sir. I know I should obey you, without question. I know you think I've been and let you down with your friend. I understand now that that's what happened although at the time...."
"At the time" he cut in, "At the time you didn't think at all."
I kept silent.
"Perhaps our relationship needs a bit of a change. I have been thinking for a while now that we're getting into a rut. Time to shake the feathers a bit."
The dull ache in my gut turned to a fist with fingers reaching out and grabbing the contents.
"Funnily enough I ran into James again this afternoon in town. Not seen him for a while and then twice in two days. He was actually taken with you, you know. Thought it was great fun having something to fight with rather than simply crawl at his feet. Made me an offer."
Not another bloody weekend swap I thought. Why doesn't he just get his own slave if he wants one. I'm happy here.
"Yes, he's got a small piece of field the other side of that new estate which he used to rent out to the old riding stables before they moved. Thought about offering it to me which I thought was nice of him. Not free, of course, no, he'll do a swap for you."
The fist clenched. I felt hot bile rise in my throat. My mouth opened but nothing came out.
"Told him I'd think about it, but he insisted on an answer. Think he's going to sell it to that builder otherwise.  So I gave him a date."
My head swam. The sick feeling I had doubled.
"We just agreed that you were my slave and you'd do whatever I thought best. So that's sorted."  He moved his feet off me, strode round to my head and untied my arms.
"You can do the rest. When you're free go and shower, loosen up a bit then come to my room."
My throat was too dry to answer. I stared at the flagstones between my legs as he walked away.
That was the loneliest moment of my life. In the few moments that had passed I had contemplated suicide, running away, arguing, pleading. All I did was to relieve the ache on my balls, untie my ankles and slowly stand up. I wanted to die.
The shower was slow. I had no energy, no will to do more than slosh the soap around and half dry myself. There were still drips on my thighs when I knocked on his door. No answer generally meant wait but I didn't. I opened it, walked in and stood with my hands behind my back next to the bed. He was still having his shower in the en suite, so I simply waited, looking at the carpet and thinking nothing in particular apart from a general feeling of disbelief.
About 5 minutes later he emerged and let me finish his drying routine by which time my cock had grown to half mast despite my inner feelings. Then he hopped into the wide and extremely comfortable bed. "Might as well make the most of our time together, jump in."
I did as I was told though my face must have been a picture of abject misery. "And don't sulk boi, that'll only get you the cavalry whip." Once in bed I snuggled up close.
"Didn't you have a towel? Come here." he pulled me closer and I felt his hands rub me over my back and round my chest. I put my arms round him. Soon I had his right nipple in my mouth and gently coaxed it to the hard nub I knew excited him. He gently pushed my head down the bed until, in the dim light of under the duvet, I saw his huge cock, stiff and upright, the veins at each side standing out and pushing the shiny bell end towards my mouth. I clamped my lips around it and played the head with my tongue, tasting the precum drops as they oozed from the slit that would soon, no doubt, be pumping copious amounts of thick creamy cum into me. Do it right, he'll change his mind, I thought.
"Turn over boi, I'm in the mood for a fuck. Use the lube on the bedside table."
I squeezed a small amount of gel onto my fingers and wiped them around and into my arsehole. I then lay on my stomach as Sir straddled me. I had to squeal as his thick cock entered me, its size always made me do that however many times it happened. The next minutes passed in a blur of my face in the pillow, deep breathing, ecstasy and the feeling of warmth. He gave a grunt then yelled as he came. I felt the shuddering pulse of his cock as it pumped its hot liquid and his hands tightened round my hips. Then he relaxed.
Breathing heavily he rested his body on mine, his mouth next to my ear. "Always as good as the first time," he said. "By the way, did you want to know the date I fixed with James?"
The ecstasy turned into a cold shiver.
"I told him in about fifty years," he said with a quiet laugh.
I felt my pillow dampen as my tears flowed in silent gratitude.
"Mind you, he did mention something about a fun weekend next month."
My brain filtered this out at the time.

Thursday 5 April 2012

Broken Ice

  That first kiss did it.The ice was broken and we could never go back.From that point onwards my meetings with Angela diminished,our frantic animal fucking tailed off until one day she told me that she had found someone else.I feigned disappointment while deep inside my heart leapt.I sat with Jake in the coffee bar and said casually "It's all over with Ange". I watched his face for his reaction.There was none that I could read. "I'm sorry to hear that" he said eventually. I smiled as I sipped my coffee "It was going nowhere" I said.
   We had gone up to the city because Jake had got a bigger motor bike and had decided that he needed new leathers.Apart from our playing around in the forest on the old dirt bike I had no real interest,my enthusiasm was more directed towards cars.What struck me as we entered the shop was the pungent and pervasive aroma of leather.I found it strangely attractive,erotic even.Jake tried on various combinations and eventually settled on a one piece outfit in black with vivid red flashings.
    Jake is quite a bit smaller than me,around five feet eight but with a gorgeous body.Well shaped shoulders tapering to slim hips and a sexy flat belly with the hint of a natural six pack gave him the look of an athlete.I stared at him in his leathers fighting back the development of an unwanted erection."What do you think?" he asked. I moved closer to him in the changing room."I think you are incredibly sexy" I whispered.Jake blushed and said nothing,he didn't need to,we both knew where this was going.We went back into the shop and the assistant wrapped Jake's leathers.As he did so I wandered down the racks.I ran my hands over a pair of black leather jeans.The skin felt good under my fingertips. "I want to try these on" I said,taking them from the rack and heading for the changing room.I took my pants off and drew them on,feeling the leather tight and restrictive around my naked body.They felt so good  next to my naked flesh.I wandered out in them and perused the rows of boots. Not being a motorcyclist I really had no need for them but I wanted them to go with the leather jeans. I spotted a pair of black leather knee length ones.They were unusual in that they were laced all the way up from instep to knee,they just looked incredibly sexy and I had to try them on.
   I laced them carefully,drawing the laces around the rows of steel hooks that extended down the fronts of the gleaming black leather boots before tieing them with neat bows just on the knee.The effect was so erotic that I gave up trying to fight the erection that now bulged at the crotch of the jeans.I could tell from Jake's reaction that he found them every bit as horny as I did.The price made a hole in my savings,but I knew that they would be worth every penny.
  As spring turned to summer that year we used Jake's bike more.In a way it was a perfect cover for us wearing the leather outfits.Once we arrived at our favourite secluded beach we would strip off and wander off into the marram grass where we would find a shady spot under the pines and just lie together side by side on our towels.But it wouldn't be long before one of us would reach out for the other as the conversation tailed away.My fingers would wander across his taut stomach as he reclined on his back.I would playfully squeeze a nipple as I watchd the bulge in his tight,shiny black Speedos grow and our tongues would intertwine.I could sense Jake becoming more confident in our relationship as time went by.We talked easily about Angie now.I realised how difficult it must have been for him over the past two years,knowing that we were fucking like rabbits but now he knew that we were a couple he asked about us."You remember old farmer Hadenham ?" Jake nodded.Several of the boys at school had worked on the farm in the summer holidays and told stories of what he had done to them. "Well Mike Trowbridge told me this but he didn't want anyone to know so apart from Angie you are the only one,so keep it to yourself".Jake nodded. "Well last year after they had been bean picking he went to the barn to get his money and Hadenham asked if he wanted to earn a bit extra and when he said he was interested Hadenham offered him a fiver to let him tie him up". Jake's eyebrows rose in surprise "Go on" he said."Hadenham got some rope and tied him up really tight on the barn floor and Mike was pretty sure he had a wank,but he couldn't see because he was face down with his wrists roped to his ankles"
       Jake let out a long low whistling sigh as I continued. "Anyway when I told Angie she insisted we go to the barn and I tie her up,we did it quite regularly actually,I would fuck her while she was tied up".He was silent for a few seconds as he let a handful of warm sand run through his fingers"Bloody hell,that's hot.Would you fancy doing that to me?" "What tieing you up,or fucking you?" I knew that it wouldn't be long before we reached this point."Both" he said,pulling me close to him and forcing his tongue deep inside my mouth.The long summer day seemed to last forever.When the sun went down we collected some wood and lit a fire,cooking our supper over the embers.After we had eaten we went back to our towels,the night was still warm and we slipped out of our trunks and lay side by side.We kissed some more and played with each other's erect cocks.
  .Eventually Jake sat astride me with his legs either side of me and I felt his warm,wet mouth around my cock.I held him by the hair as I gradually forced him further down on to my rock hard erect shaft until he gagged as it filled his throat. The sensation was delightful,his gagging seemed to set up a vibration that massaged the sensitive head of my cock,causing it to swell even more.I knew I was close to cumming and it was my intention that he would take the lot. "Don't you even think about trying to spit it out" I said quite sternly.It was the first time I had ever asserted myself but it felt so right."Swallow my spunk you little bitch" I could tell from his reaction that my aggressive tone was a turn on for him so I continued in the same vein and his mouth now worked frantically towards the inevitable explosion.When it came it wasn't just the night sky above me that caused me to see stars and I experienced the most fantastic orgasm I had ever had.I guessed that there was loads of spunk fopr Jake to swallow but he took it all greedily.Eventually he rolled off me and we lay side by side in silence just holding hands in the warm night air.
  Within about twenty minutes I felt the erection begin to return.I told Jake to get on his knees and I knelt behind him and began licking around his hole,at the same time stroking his cock,which was now fully erect.After a few minutes he was well lubricated and I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to his arse,working it in a circular movement that I could tell he was enjoying from the  soft,sob like moans that were coming from him.Carefully I worked it until the head was inside him and then began thrusting my hips.With each thrust my cock penetrated him a little further and his cries of pleasure increased.Within a couple of minutes I was inside him right to the hilt,my thick cock stretching his arse to the full extent.The strokes became long and slow as I alternately withdrew and then rammed back inside him,my hands gripping him by the hips as I pulled him onto me.Now I stroked his cock,gripping  it firmly by the shaft just below the head until with a scream he came and his juice shot onto the towel that we knelt on.I leaned forward and placed my lips by his right  ear."There,you don't have to worry about being a virgin anymore". In the darkness I couldn't see his face but I knew that he was smiling

   Jake turned up early at my house the next morning.I heard the distinctive burble of his motor bike even before he had reached the drive.He was looking as sexy as ever in his skin tight red and black leathers astride the red Honda.My parents were away on holiday and we sat drinking coffee together across the big kitchen table."So,we are a couple?" He asked nervously.I put down my cup and looked at him "Yes,we could be" I replied slightly enigmatically.
      In fact the sex had been spectactular and both my orgasms with him the night before had been fantastic,but I needed to take him to another level.I took down the big brown envelope from on top of the bookcase. "Have a look at that and see what you think" He withdrew the magazine.It was printed in black and white and was entitled "Leather Studs" Published in San Francisco it was an underground fetish mag that was difficult to get hold of in England.The front cover featured a mean looking guy dressed in knee high leather boots and tight black leather.In the foreground another man was kneeling.He wore only black ankle boots and black leather shorts.A wide leather collar was buckled around his neck and the  big guy held a leash attached to it in one hand and a loosely coiled braided black leather bullwhip in the other.
     Jake let out a low whistle "That's fantastic" he said as he flicked through the pages.I never knew that stuff like that existed."So how would you feel if that was you". I ran my right index finger across the page of the magazine before allowing it to fall to his left thigh.My fingertips found the hard bulge at his crotch and he threw his head back,his eyes closed as he savoured my touch."I would love it" he said quietly."You know it could be quite painful,there are things I want to do to you that might be quite hard to take". In reality I didn't have many worries on this score.I had known Jake a long while and I knew that he was the rugged type who could take a bit of rough treatment.I was quite prepared to push him as far as necessary to find out what his limits actually were.I left him finishing his coffee and went upstairs and put on my skin tight black leather jeans and laced boots.It was a warm day again and I only wore a clingy black tee shirt above the waist,it showed the sculpted muscular shape of my shoulders that I knew were a big turn on for him.I picked up my crash helmet."Come on I want to show you something".
    I slipped astride the Honda,already feeling the beginnings of an erection as I took in the heady aroma of his warm body inside the tight black leather suit.Jake guided the Honda carefully along the dry,rutted cart track that led up the gentle slope.The old wooden barn stood outlined against the horizon on top of the hill.I knew that on a Sunday Hadenham,the farmer, and his wife would be in church.Despite his penchant for boys the old hypocrite never lost the opportunity to play the pillar of the communityThe big wooden door opened with a creak and the motes of dust stirred up by our boots swirled in the shaft of sunlight that penetrated the dark interior.I led jake through to the back of the barn where Hadenham stored his hay.Several coils of rope hung on nails that were driven into the frame of the barn.It was still exactly as I had found it nearly two years previously when Mike Trowbridge had told me of his experience there and I had taken Angie to try my hand at bondage.
  "Get yourself out of those leathers" I watched as Jake's pale body gradually revealed itself from beneath the  tight fitting suit.I sat back on a hay bale,casually fingering the riding crop that I had taken from the hook on the wall.I had heard that Hadenham had once thrashed a boy he had caught in his orchard and I guessed that this was what he had used.I pointed the leather tip towards Jake "Your pants too" Jake slipped out of them and stood naked before me.
   I knew then that I would never tire of looking at that body.I stood up and walked across to him,lifting his semi erect shaft with the crop.I moved closer until my lips almost touched his right ear."When you get home tonight you will shave completely and keep it that way,do you understand?".Jake paused before saying quietly "Yes". I took hold of him by the hair and looked into his eyes "And from this moment on you will call me Sir every time you speak to me,do you understand boy?". Jake seemed quite surprised by this but replied meekly "Yes Sir".
  He gasped ever so slightly as the first rope encircled his wrists,I could tell that is was an expression of pleasure.My experience with Angie was coming in useful,I was learning how to use the ropes in ways that even old Hadenham had never imagined.As I wound the rope up his arms the pressure on them increased,forcing them together until his elbows touched. Jake's gasps became louder as the sensation turned to pain but I noticed that his cock now stuck out directly in front of him as stimulation of the bondage took effect.I tied the first rope off neatly,cinching it tight between his upper arms.I forced him down onto his knees and secured a second rope around one of the heavy oak ceiling beams before tieing it off between his wrists.I hauled on the free end and his arms rose up behind him until they were perpendicular.Jake hung his head forward in an attempt to relieve the strain but this was only partially successful and the silence of the barn was soon replaced by his soft moans as the pain of the bondage began to take hold."I suppose you didn't realise that it would hurt at all?" I asked sarcastically.I did not bother to wait for an answer.I just took two more lengths of rope and doubled each of his ankles back up behind his legs,binding them tightly so that his feet touched the back of his legs causing him to balance awkwardly and somewhat painfully on the points of his knees.It was a position I had seen in one of the American bondage mags and I guessed that it was a pretty stressful one but his whole body just looked so damned hot that I really couldn't care about how it felt to him,it was giving me a massive and very pleasurable erection that caused my cock to force itself against the fly of my leathers in it's vain attempt to get at him.Jake closed his eyes and bit his lip as he fought to keep silent.I knew that he would be embarassed to plead with me,and this made me even more determined to inflict this humiliation on him.I found an old hessian sack in the corner of the barn and I drew it over his head, doubling it over and secured it tightly with more rope.I knew that Jake would be trying to impress me with his bravery and I intended to take full advantage of this.he shook his head from side to side as if trying to release himself from the makeshift hood but it was too well roped into place.I went outside the barn and looked around.I knew that there was a big oak water butt and sure enough it was brimful of rainwater.An old galvanised watering can stood beside it and I dipped it under the surface and filled it up.The first splash of cold water as I poured it over his head caused him to cry out in surprise.At first it was just the coldness of it but quite soon the water began to soak the hessian sacking and Jake began to panic.The rope from his wrists to the beam shook violently as he fought against his bonds but I had roped him good and tight with no chance of escape.I poured more water on as his pitiful cries increased but were still well muffled by the sacking.I watched for a short time,which no doubt felt much longer to him before I unwound the rope and pulled the sack from his head.Jake was wet but he couldn't hide the fact that he was also crying,convinced that he was drowning.He averted his eyes in shame as I bent over and put my mouth to his,forcing my tongue between his teeth and kissing him deeply.

   Jake looked at me mournfully across the table of the coffee bar.It was late August and the scorching early summer was turning into a grey,cool wet English autumn."You must go or you'll regret it all your life". He was due to go off to university in just over three weeks but our long summer of hot,kinky sex had turned his head.I realised that I could do whatever I wished with him and the prospect of making him into my lifelong sex slave appealed strongly but I stuck to my guns.It wasn't all bad,in the holidays we still fucked as frantically as ever and the bond grew stronger over those three years.
    When he finished his course in 1992 we told our families that we intended to share a house.They were both very supportive.Of course they had no inkling that we were lovers,we were just two young guys who had decided to house share for purely financial reasons.My business was going ok and I had an inheritance from my grandfather that would serve as a good deposit.We had a look around.It was a good time to buy,the housing market had been in the doldrums for a few years and there were a few bargains out there.I chanced upon Brickmakers cottage.Set in a pleasant village location it was one of a row built in the late nineteenth century for the workers at the small local brickworks.In recent times they had become popular with younger trendy middle class types.What really attracted me however was the fact that all the cottages had good sized cellars.This was a room that I had plans for.
   The purchase was completed quickly and we moved in towards the end of august.Jake had got a job at a school a few miles away and he started work the week after we moved in,everything in our lives was falling into place.The motor bike he had bought before going to university was beginning to show it's age now and Jake was going on about a Honda Fireblade.This 900cc bike had only just come onto the market and it was a source of great fascination for him.There was a few hundred pounds left from the house purchase so I suggested that he trade his old bike in and take the balance on finance.In fact I had every intention of taking over his life and turning him into my slave.Doing this to an unintelligent person would have held very little attraction,but Jake was far from that and making him into my slave therefore held a fascination for me.
   We went up to the city on the friday afternoon after he had finished school.The bike stood in the showroom was a bright red one and he signed the finance papers. He was clearly excited but I had one more surprise for him.The following morning I took him into town.As we made our way through the back streets he seemed puzzled.I drew up outside a run down looking house."Come on follow me" I ordered. Wayne met us at the door.A scruffy man with a pony tail.I pushed Jake inside and told him to remove his shirt. "Bladeboi" I said to Wayne "BOI" that is.He grunted as he got out his tattoo needles and loaded them with ink."Get yourself over that bench" I pointed to what was in fact a worn out sofa.The place smelled strongly of tobacco,the chemical used to sterilise the needles and Waynes unsavoury personal odour.I watched him work,surprisingly deftly for his appearance.Soon the letters began to appear in outline as the needles forced the ink beneath his skin.Jake squirmed a bit and I occasionally grabbed his hair to keep him still.A touch that Wayne obviously enjoyed,I was guessing that he had probably worked out our relationship.About ninety minutes later the job was done,the letters spread across jake's back between the shoulder blades.I gave him the two twenty pound notes and Jake - or bladeboi as he was to be called from this point on - gingerly pulled on his shirt.
  Later that night after we had eaten we went upstairs and showered together,something that we had both always got off on,long periods under the warm streams of water,often with our mouths clamped together as our hands wandered over one anothers naked bodies.Then we slid between the covers of the double bed in my room.bladeboi was on his stomach,his back still sore from the needle.I watched him bury his face in the soft pillow and knelt astride his hips,holding him by the hair.I knew this turned him on and I leaned forward and put my lips to the back of his neck.My light delicate kisses made him purr and in even the low light the coloured letters of his tattoo stood out from his skin that still held the tan from the summer.I smeared gel over the end of my erect cock and worked some into the tight crevice of his neat little arse before thrusting with my thigh muscles.I closed my eyes as the length of my cock worked it's way fully inside him,the sensation as always was superb and I held myself still for a few seconds so as not to reach orgasm.Then I settled back allowing myself to withdraw slightly,pushing bladeboi's face deep into the soft pillow to stifle his cries of pleasure.I began to ride him from behind,both of us enjoying every stroke of my cock as it slid in and out of him. I loved his talented mouth but his arse gripped me like a vice as if it wanted nothing more than for me to be inside him.Eventually to feed him with my hot,rich seed.I kissed him some more,making him squirm as my grip on his hair tightened.I knew I was hurting him,but in a good way.After a few minutes I withdrew and turned onto my back,pulling him on top of me.The gel was well worked in now and I slid inside him easily as he lowered himself onto me,his thighs either side of my hips.Our mouths met again and I gripped his waist,my cock buried deep inside his body once more,his own erect and sticking out horizontally onto my stomach.I gripped it tightly,stroking it up and down,moving him inexorably closer to orgasm now until I knew he was at the point of no return. A few more hard strokes and he came hard and good,his eyes tightly shut,his mouth wide open as he let out a scream of sheer pleasure,his hot white spunk forming a pool on my belly.I came almost simultaneously ,feeling my own juices filling him inside.After a few seconds of ecstasy I moved his face down and pressed his mouth into his own pool of spunk."Lick it up boi".I watched his tongue working as he cleaned it up,revelling in the power I held over him,although of course I knew that he too wanted exactly this.

   Things were good between us,we had lots in common as well as hot sex and I now considered that bladeboi was ready for the final step of my plan.This involved formally making him into my personal slave.I had read extensively books about the slave trade.of course in these enlightened times it was almost universally abhorred.I had to admit to myself however that despite the questionable morality of it all there was nevertheless a certain eroticism attached to it that could not be replicated.I put it to him that it would be good to draw up a contract of ownership that would pass all rights over to me as the slave owner,by contrast of course it would withdraw all rights from him and effectively give him the status of a piece of my property.Just thinking about it gave me a  very good erection.
    The process began by acquiring an A3 vellum sheet.I found a company that specialised in supplying them for family trees.I then tracked down a calligrapher.I pretended that what I wanted was intended as a joke but in reality my intention could not be more serious.The contract specified that  bladeboi would be owned by me and that ownership would involve my control over every aspect of his life.While the contract was away being written up I carried on preparing the cellar.I had already checked up that it was totally soundproof.Our next door neighbour had converted her cellar into a workroom and one day I put our stereo system in the cellar at full volume and called round ostensibly to discuss some point about the shared access to the rear of the property.Jane was always friendly and she invited me down and poured me a coffee.I could hear nothing.In the weeks after that I worked in the cellar during the day while bladeboi was at work.First of all I cleared it completely.The previous owner had died and left a consideable amount of junk down there.Once it was cleared the room was spacious,about fifteen feet by twelve with a decent ceiling height and good,solid oak crossbeams as rafters.One wet tuesday I painted the entire room black,the floor consisted of grey slate flagstones.I tracked down an ironworker  in a nearby town and specified what I wanted.I really had no idea what he thought that the curious items that I presented to him drawn out on the sheets of squared paper were for but he made them and when bolted into place they formed two cages.The larger one,set across the end of the cellar effectively formed a confinement cell rather like a wild west sheriff's jail.It featured a locking hinged door so that it's occupant became a prisoner.The smaller one was bolted into the corner nearer the steps that led down from the hallway above and was just big enough when closed to contain bladeboi standing upright,his back wedged tightly to the wall.I acquired a pair of heavy square oak beams from a salvage yard.These formed upright pillars,set about six feet apart.They bolted into the floor and were fixed to the rafters at the top.Set with iron tether rings bladeboi could be secured adequately for whatever punishment I wished to carry out.
  The vellum sheet returned from the calligrapher.Written in gothic script it formed a contract between the two of us.As a contract went it was about as one sided as it was possible to get.Effectively bladeboi was signing over all his rights to me.As well as ownership of his body and the rights to use him for any labour that I chose the contract allowed for unlimited punishment both in terms of length and severity. I explained to him as he sat reading it at the table that he must never view being punished as meaning that he had done anything wrong.I was gaining more and more sexual satisfaction from my rough treatment of him and now I bought the instruments that I intended to give even more of a thrill.At first I had felt a little guilty,but as time went on and I realised that he too enjoyed these acts I lost any sense of guilt and just enjoyed the thrashings I handed out.The Dragon cane was generally reckoned to be the most fearful of weapons.Made from rattan the extra weight and density of the dragon gave it the impetus required to provide the kind of stroke to strike fear into any recipient.I longed to have bladeboi well strapped down with his pert little arse beckoning.As I inspected the finished dungeon that prospect was very close now.bladeboi picked up the pen and signed the bottom of the vellum sheet alongside my own.While he was work the next day I applied the final touches,hanging the various implements onto the big rack that hung on the left hand wall.
    I heard the distinctive burble of the Honda as he arrived home.It was a fortnight before Christmas and pitch dark at five pm.A brisk north easterly wind had picked up during the day and the temperature had dropped to freezing outside.I bolted the back door and turned the central heating up a notch.We were finishing th washing up when I grabbed him from behind.He tipped his head back to expose his neck.He knew that I loved nuzzling into him but tonight I just gave him a brief kiss and whispered "Go upstairs and take all your clothes off". bladeboi did as he was ordered and I went back into the sitting room where I had prepared all my clothes and  them stacked neatly in the corner.I stripped off and drew on the black leather jeans.I had them made to measure from fine,thin material and they fitted me so tightly that they showed every muscle as well as the outline of my cock shaft that bulged the leather at the crotch.I loved the feel of leather against my naked flesh and wearing them without anything underneath  ensured that it was easy to get my cock out whenever I wanted bladeboi to use his talented mouth.I pulled on the boots and laced them carefully from instep to knee,feeling the grip of the stiff leather increase inexorably as the boots followed the shape of my calf muscles.I zipped up the soft black leather vest.I preferred to have my shoulders bare,exposing my well developed muscles that my daily swimming sessions maintained in nice,firm order.I knew how bladeboi was turned on by the curves of my broad upper body.The heavy saddle leather belt encircled my waist.I tightened each one of the three sturdy brass buckles in turn,feeling the erotic pull of the leather as it drew my waist in and gave me that sexy tapered shape.I wriggled my fingers into the leather gloves and picked up my riding crop.
   My boots made little noise on the stairs but from the landing along the hallway to bladeboi's room the polished wooden floor they made a distinctive resonant sound.I walked slowly so that each step echoed it's sound down to where I knew he was crouched in exactly the position I had taught him to adopt,his face respectfully pressed to the bare floor for his Master's entrance.I was in fact quite proud of how he had responded to his  initial training.He had learned quickly to adopt every nuance of the detailed slave etiquette that was written in the little black hard backed notebook I had given him after his signing of the contract of ownership.As I pushed the door to his room open my cock twitched beneath the tight leather of my jeans.bladeboi was facing away from me,his head down to the floor beneath the window.I took in the gorgeous curve of his muscled back as it tapered to his neat narrow waist that he kept trim with his regular visits to the gym.The heavy leather collar that I had awarded him as a symbol of my ownership formed a contrast with the lighter flesh of his neck.It was three inches wide with double buckles,one above the other and effectively prevented him from doing much other than looking ahead.Apart from the collar the only thing he wore was his soft leather pouch and his black laced ankle boots over short white socks.The pouch was just big enough to contain his cock and balls,the thin side straps ran high on his hips and the narrow one that ran between the cheeks of his buttocks exposed them nicely,firm and rounded.I reached down and ran a gloved hand across the top of his back,feeling the delightful undulations of the muscles beneath my touch.I traced the letters of his tattoo.He purred softly at my touch and I knew that his cock was already firming up inside the pouch just as mine was inside my jeans."Turn around and face your Master" My voice was low but commanding and he turned through a hundred and eighty degrees.I ran the tip of my riding crop along  the line of his collar bones.I could see that his nipples had firmed up and I took the left one between the finger and thumb of my right hand and applied enough twist to make him draw breath sharply.I cupped his chin in my hand and clipped the clasp of the leather leash to the D ring on the collar,looking down into his eyes."Now slave,follow your Master,he has something to show you". I wrapped the leash around my fist until he was pulled tightly up behind me as I turned and led him on all fours from the room and onto the landing.
   I kept bladeboi close all the way along the landing,his face almost pressed against the tight black leather of my jeans.At one point the leash went tighter still as he failed to maintain the pace."Keep up slave" I snapped and flicked him across the back with my crop.He scurried obediently behind his Master.We descended the stairs.I allowed him to crouch but immediately we reached the bottom he returned to his hands and knees.We made our way to the cellar door and I lifted the latch.A dim shaft of light reached up from below.I led him down the steps and for the first time he took in the dungeon that I had prepared for him over the preceding weeks.From the bottom of the steps bladeboi knelt and looked at the dungeon.We had discussed places like this many times and had both agreed that it would be wonderful to have such a place to act out our wildest fantasies.I could not help wondering whether bladeboi had any second thoughts now that he was confronted with the reality of it.From his position on the stone floor bladeboi said quietly "'s,,superb" I smiled to myself.Of course I know that a Master should not really care about the opinions of his slave but in a way,we do.I had derived a good deal of satisfaction from the creation of the dungeon,literally from an empty hole in the ground.Now it held a distinct and erotic air of veiled menace,it felt a place where suffering would take place and where the cries of the slave would be contained and savoured for my pleasure.I watched him for a minute as he took it all in and then tugged on the leash and led him towards the pair of upright timber pillars that occupied a position in the very centre of the dungeon.I had specifically designed them this way to allow me access to the restrained slave from any direction.Once strapped between the square solid oak posts he would be totally vulnerable to whatever I chose to do to him.I drew him to his feet and took the heavy leather wrist cuffs from the rack and strapped one to each of his wrists.Then I took a pair of spring loaded steel clips and attached them to the cuffs before clipping them to the highest of the iron rings on the inside of the pillars.bladeboi could reach,but only by raising himself onto the balls of his feet,my calculations had been spot on.I cuffed his ankles and moved his legs apart until only his toes now had contact with the floor.His lean body looked gorgeous as it was stretched to the limit,I loved the way his rib cage fell away to his flat,firm belly and I noticed the fullness of his pouch,clearly it was doing it for him too.I unhooked the clasp of his pouch and removed it and sure enough his neat little cock with it's  full erection sprang away from his body,protruding horizontally.I took it in my gloved hand and stroked it.He was completely shaved,a procedure that he was ordered to carry out twice a week to maintain the smoothness that I loved and he squirmed as I took his balls in my right hand,squeezing them until the pressure was painful.I took the black leather face mask from the rack and strapped it into place.The padded eye covers prevented him from seeing what I intended to do to him.It left the top and back of his head exposed but at the front only the aperture around his mouth was uncovered.
   I stood back for a moment and just looked at his body,bound into a star shape between the posts.It presented a wonderful target for whatever weapons I chose to bring into play.I crossed to the wall rack and my eye ran along the line of canes and whips.The one that caught my eye was the cavalry whip. About four feet in length and cut from a single piece of leather the heavy tail had a rectangular section about a centimetre in width.I picked it up and felt the stiff inflexibility in it,this whip would deliver a massive punch and I considered it a good thing that I had secured him in a manner capable of holding him in position as once I got into my stride with this whip I knew that the pain it would create would make him thrash desperately in his attempts to escape it's cruel strokes.
  I weighed the whip in my gloved right hand,feeling it's satisfying heaviness.The weight of a whip is what gives it the impetus and ultimately decides it's effectiveness as an instrument of punishment.The heavy single tail would give an impact when it made contact with bladeboi's flesh like no other whip in my collection,I considered that it was time for him to find out just what the combination of a truly sadistic Master wielding a truly effective whip would be like.
  I positioned myself behind him and slightly to one side.I calculated that bringing the whip across my right shoulder in a downward arc would provide the best possible combination of power and accuracy. I swung the whip a few times to get the feel of it and then drew it back before taking aim for a point towards the top of his right buttock.The whip came down,gaining momentum,the leather tail singing through the air until it's progress was checked by bladeboi's body.The impact produced a loud thwack as it struck him and bladeboi let out a loud,long scream that echoed throughout the dungeon. Immediately his body began to shake between the posts as,in his sheer desperation to escape,he pulled with all his strength against his bonds.Of course the heavy leather cuffs and steel anchor points were always going to hold him but that didn't stop him from trying to escape the whip.I stepped forward and examined the vivid red stripe where the whip had hit.It was already beginning to darken to form the bruise.bladeboi had ceased screaming and his short,panting breaths had the sound of a sob now as he hung in his bonds waiting for the next stroke.I set my booted feet apart and raised the whip again.Once more it sizzled as it cut through the air to impact about three inches lower than the first stroke,a neat,almost horizontal line across the centre of his right buttock.Once again his body fought against the bonds as his scream was renewed.I stepped forward and put my left arm around his waist,pulling his naked and heaving body in towards mine.I placed my lips to his right ear and nuzzled it,feeling the calm being restored to his body as I comforted him against the pain of the whip."Can you take more?" I asked in a whisper.bladeboi fought back a sob and replied "Yes,Master,for you anything" I kissed him gently on the side of his neck.With the leather face mask in place he didn't see the gag coming.I forced the thick leather plug between his teeth and buckled the sturdy leather harness into place behind his neck and across the top of his head,he emitted a soft gurgle as the penis shaped gag filled his mouth.
    The cavalry whip felt so good in my hand now,like a whip never had before.I circled him slowly,every step marked by the sound of my boots on the stone floor,slow,deliberate steps that conveyed the message to bladeboi that his ordeal was not yet over.I loved torturing him mentally as much as physically and my rampant cock felt like it was bursting inside it's tight leather prison.But this session was still only just beginning and it would stay there for a good while yet before I decided to feed him my hot,thick spunk.
   I resumed my position behind him,balancing my weight evenly on my spread feet and feeding the heavy leather tail  of the whip through my fingers,savouring once more the satisfying feel of it's weight,knowing now full well just what it was capable of.The two angry red stripes across bladeboi's right buttock testified to it's potency as a weapon and they now served as an aiming point as I drew back the lash to it's full extent and brought it down hard to impact between the two.Once again he thrashed between the posts but his scream was subdued very effectively by the gag,which allowed only a strangled moan to escape him.If it was at all possible I found it even more erotic that the first two strokes.It was now that something new took over,I felt a kind of light headedness I had never felt before and the whip strokes now became regular and rhythmic.bladeboi's helpless thrashing tethered between the pillars continued as the strokes fell hard and fast.His body writhed under the lash,jerking first one arm then the other as in his desperation to escape the cut of the whip he attempted to pull himself free of his bonds.Of course it was completely hopeless,his bonds were both tightly secured and strong so that no possible amount of wriggling could gain him release but the struggle was very erotic to watch,possibly even more so as I already knew the outcome of this contest.I landed possibly as many as thirty strokes before I realised that the lash was now yielding blood.I stopped and examined his body.bladeboi now hung in his bonds,having lost the ability to stand on his outstretched toes,the beating had sapped his strength to the point where he was on the edge of consciousness and I hung the whip back on the rack.