Thursday, 6 October 2011

The slave's Perspective.

I presumed Sir was collecting something that afternoon. We drove some distance before I realised where we were going and even then I wasn't positive. My neck ached the most. In that position my head was kept low enough to mean I over-balanced if I didn't keep my hands close by my ears but high enough so as not to bounce it painfully on the metal fixings that I was bolted to. It put pressure on my shoulders as well as my spine. I heard the door close and the voices that started immediately confirmed we were at the forge again. I hoped there was to be no more "playful" measuring, as that was what I presumed had gone on during our first visit, because the playful element meant my balls would suffer another vice like session in the hands of the craftsman Sir was employing. After quite a short time the door closed again, the engine started and we were off.

Returning home my Master felt all over my naked body, naked that is apart from the small leather pouch I was allowed, with his leather gloved hands before he unlocked me from the car cage. I felt a thrill as his fingers worked their magic on the inside of my thighs and slowly massaged my back, my waist and my nipples. My nipples received more than a massage, a very sharp and hard twist in fact which made me groan inside the leather hood. I felt the horse whip for that, he never liked me to comment without permission.
Once out of the cage the hood was unbuckled and I was allowed to go about my duties, or almost. As I turned to go Sir grabbed my forearm and pulled me close. In one movement he locked me in an embrace and we tasted each other for a full two minutes before I was let go, a healthy leathered swipe to my arse sending me to the kitchen.
I worked on chores until it was time to serve supper. There were occasions when we ate together, tonight was not one of them. He was in his full leathers, those glistening, reflective, black shiny ones that showed his body off to perfection. I adored them and him inside them. He knew this and purposely sat where I could, from where I was made to kneel, see the bulge that was his cock. I knew I would get a lot closer to that before the night was over, one way or another it was going to be quite some time before I would be able to sit comfortably again.
I was allowed to eat from my bowl, this should have warned me that there was to be some torture in the offing, but I didn't quite realise what was in store. I cleared the table, washed everything up and retuned to the warmth of the living room with it's blazing log fire that I had made up before leaving for the kitchen. He allowed me to sit on the floor in front of the fire, in front of his armchair as he finished off the wine he had in his glass. It all felt so safe and comfortable. "Stay where you are boi," he said as he got up and went across the room. I did just that. I heard the sound of hard metal and then the feel of it round my neck. He lifted my chin and secured the heaviest collar I'd ever experienced round my neck, locking it tight with a secure and equally heavy bolt. It immediately cut into my shoulder blades and I had to keep very still or suffer the consequences. My arms were pulled behind me and up until they were parallel with each other. Each wrist was then locked into a heavy cold steel manacle which was fixed by a rod from my collar. I couldn't move my arms at all, even if I could it would have meant extra pressure on my shoulders which I didn't want.
Sir was now standing in front of me. I could see the pressure on the leather surrounding his engorged cock as it bulged in the light of the fire. I knew what to do. Reaching forward I carefully surrounded his organ with my mouth, using my tongue as best I could hoping this was what was wanted. I also knew that I had been able to "persuade" Master that this was what he had wanted in the past, even when he had had other ideas for erotic play.
This time it was useless. After experiencing my caress for a minute or so he pushed me away with his knee. I fell backwards onto my arms with a painful thud, rolling to one side to alleviate the pressure. I managed not to cry out which was good because he simply got hold of my collar and hauled me up again. After looking at his expression I knew to give up any hope of a restful night. There was to be pain, lots of it. He picked up his single tailed whip, the one that had cut its way through my flesh on many occasions, that burnt its cruel blistering painful way through my senses until I pleaded and sobbed for respite, and led the way down the stone steps to the cellar dungeon below.

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