Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Relaxing Evening

   Reclining in the warm soapy water I took stock of my situation.Since becoming the owner of a 24/7 slave my life had taken a distinct turn for the better.For me there were no more concerns as to mundane domestic work.In a way it was rather like a nobleman from days long past who had servants to attend to every eventuality.In this case it was even better than that as my slave was in receipt of no pay whatsoever.He consumed very little food as I fed him largely on scraps and leftovers.This wasn't as much to save money as to maintain his neat,trim figure which throughout the long,hot summer had looked so good in the tiny pair of tight fitting black leather shorts that was virtually all his uniform consisted of.I made him one concession only,an allowance sufficient to maintain the red Honda Fireblade that he kept in the garage,and which he was allowed to take out for rides at weekends.I often thought as I watched him ride away in his fitted leathers that none would guess from his aggressive biker's appearance just what his situation was.
   I glanced at the clock on the bathroom wall,it was almost nine,an hour since I had shackled him into the steel cage in the dungeon.One of the fun aspects was that whenever I left him in the darkness he had absolutely no idea as to how long it would be before I returned.It might be an hour,or it might be a day.This ability that I possessed to control his life was something  I found highly erotic.Eventually I climbed from the bath and crossed to where my short white towelling dressing gown hung on the back of the door.The full length mirror showed my semi erect cock,smooth shaven by the slave the previous evening and my heavy balls that I could tell he loved so much as he kissed and fondled them when I reclined naked on my big bed that I sometimes allowed him to share.I loved this ability purely on a whim to either take him into the warm, comfortable bed or to shackle him,often in extreme discomfort in one of the cages or the bare prison cell in the dungeon.
   I slid into the black leather breeches,feeling the cool strong hide around my hips as I zipped them up.Their fit was perfect,looking almost as if my body had been poured into them.The raised bulge at my crotch where my penis shaft lay beneath the smooth black leather reflected the light in a most erotic way that caused the bulge to increase slightly.I pulled on the boots and carefully straightened the tongues at the knee before drawing the laces around the rows of hooks that drew the leather in close to my long,muscled legs and moulded the boots to their shape.I selected a plain black leather vest that left my shoulders bare.I had,over the last three years built up my shoulder muscles by regular swimming and the narrow vest straps displayed these to perfection.I opened the box that had come in the post the previous morning and took out the two black leather tubes about a foot long.Each one was encircled with studs at the narrower end and I buckled them into place around each forearm.The effect was most pleasing,and I thought,very dominant.The leather fitted tightly from wrist up to elbow.I buckled the wide leather belt around my waist and tightened each of the three brass buckles in turn,it nipped my waist in firmly and felt very sexy.Finally I took the black leather executioner's hood from the draw and slipped it on my head,drawing the laces tight at the back of the skull. What I now saw reflected in the mirror before me I knew would be enough to at least make the slave's heart beat a little faster when he first laid eyes on me.I knew his weakness for these pieces of equipment and what they said about the man that wore them.With this firmly in my mind I now descended the stairs to the hall and slid back the timber bar on the dungeon door.
   The dim lights flickered on as I  turned the switch at the top of the stairs.I couldn't see the slave until I was more than half way down the flight but I knew that he would be able to see my legs as first my boots and then my breeches and belt came into view.Then I was standing at the foot of the steps and our eyes met as he took in the full outfit for the first time.I saw the look of surprise spread over his face as he confronted the leather clad medieval torturer who now advanced slowly,deliberately towards the cage in which he was pinioned. I spread my long,booted legs and fingered the shaft of the black riding crop that I now flexed threateningly between my outstretched hands.I saw him swallow nervously as I stepped forward and turned the key in the cage door,releasing the lock.The door hinged open and I took him roughly by the chain attached to his steel collar,dragging him out to stand on the floor of the dungeon before me.

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