Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Steel Restraint

    the slave noticed each individual undulation.Although the sophisticated suspension of the big Mercedes estate car did a good job of soaking up the bumps,in the way in which someone who is blind has heightened senses in other respects he recognised the rolling gait as the car lurched along the unmade road.
   This recognition really was some achievement on his part as his present position,locked inside the heavy steel barred cage that was built into the load area of the car was his normal mode of transport,The Master liked to know that he was secure and,to this end the heavy leather collar that he wore was locked to the steel hasp set into the cage floor and his head was totally enclosed in the beautifully crafted black leatherhood that also deprived him almost totally of his sense of hearing.
    The car drew to a halt and he heard the faint sound of the door close as The Master stepped from the vehicle.In his mind the vision flashed briefly of the polished black boots and the  tailored black leather of the breeches that enclosed the tall body but failed to disguise the thick,nestling cock shaft.
     His listened intently and could just make out the sound of voices,The Master was talking to somebody.This could mean only one thing.Big Steve the blacksmith lived at his cottage and combined forge at the end of a long rutted track set amongst the low, undulating hills of Norfolk.It was an hour's drive from The Master's house and that squared with how long he had been confined,judging from the level of pain in the muscles of his bound and aching body.
     the slave cast his mind back a couple of weeks and it all fell into place.They had travelled there before and he had felt the big calloused hands reach inside the cage as the tape measure had been slipped around his neck and checked the size of his wrists and arms.Big steve had taken the opportunity to playfully squeeze his balls,well playfully for him anyway.The big strong fingershad compressed his vulnerable flesh until he had cried out in pain,prompting a loud,raucous cackle from Steve that had been sufficient to penetrate the hood.
    Later that evening,after he had served The Master's meal and cleared away and washed the dishes he was summoned to The Master's drawing room.It had taken a good hout to do the chores as The Master insisted on him washing everything by hand,It was not just a matter of saving electricity from not using the dishwasher but it put him firmly in his place so that he felt the humiliation of his position more deeply.Temporarily unhooded he watched in fascination as the flickering flames of the log fire reflected on the shafts of The Master's boots.His Master reclined in the comfort of his favourite armchair as he swirled the ruby red claret in the big balloon glass as he savoured it.
   the slave sneaked occasional admiring surrepticious glances at The Master.He was dressed in the full black leather outfit that meant a torture session was in the offing.The Master loved to wear the skin tight black leather breeches that outlined the shape of his arse as well as his heavy cock shaft that the slave had shaved that very morning as The Master had stepped from his bath.He knew that at some point in the night ahead he would receive the gift of The Master's hot cum,the slave craved the warm,thick milky fluid,greedily swallowing every drop that The Master produced apart from those special occasions when it was injected directly into his ass during a night of passion in the big confortable bed that he sometimes was allowed to share in place of his cage or the hard bed of his cell.Those occasions were especially memorable for him as The Master's heavy,elegant cock forced it's way inside his body to deliver it's precious load.
   The Master stood and placed the half empty bottle on the table as he took a draught of the wine.He approached the slave and lifted his head,looking directly into his eyes.He leant forward and placed his lips to the slave's,forcing the warm,rich wine directly into the slave's mouth in a long,delicious spurt that mirrored the way his cock filled him with spunk.
    Glancing down to the table the slave saw for the first time the piece of equipment that Big Steve had crafted for The Master,He picked it up and held it in his gloved hands before offering it up to the slave's neck.The heavy steel hinged shut and locked into place snugly about the slave's neck.He felt it's cold weight bearing down on his shoulders and he was surprised at just how heavy it was,he guessed that the steel was the best part of an inch thick,deliberately designed to be uncomfortable for him to wear.The Master moved behind him and he felt briefly the hard bulge of his cock through the leather as it brushed against him.
    The Master now gathered his wrists and proceeded to lock them behind his back into the similarly heavy manacles that were attached to the collar by a steel shaft.Bolts were tightened and adjusted so that his arms were now locked behind him and totally immobilised.Now he was pushed to his knees before The Master.
    Without being asked he leant forward and kissed the heavy leather bulge.He knew that his skilled lips could melt The Master into passion,he could never receive enough of the slave's mouth but on this occasion he pulled away.This could mean only one thing and the slave shuddered as he contemplated the fully equipped dungeon and torture chamber that lay just beneath their feet,approached from the hallway down a flight of steep stone steps.The Master picked up the leather single tailed whip from the table.
   "Follow your Master slave" he intoned imperiously as he turned towards the door.the slave followed on his knees,his eyes locked on the tall form of his Master,his body encased in black leather and the coiled .single tail hanging from his right hand

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