Tuesday, 18 October 2011

In a Hole

The very worst advice for the slave was that if he was in a hole he should stop digging.The hole was a simple and effective means of ensuring that I quickly drove him to,and beyond,his physical limits.
  I admired just how game the boi was when confronted with a situation that he simply could not win.The hole itself was of course literally bottomless.Every cubic metre of earth weighed in excess of a ton,and shifting a single metre in a short space of time was sufficient to exhaust the stamina of a fit man.
  He was fit enough of course.My strict regime of diet and exercise during the period that I had owned him had seen to that aspect and he now possessed the physique of a much younger man,toned and muscled with just enough meat on his trim frame to satisfy my requirements.
  I watched as the pile of earth around the edges of the hole grew,his work rate had already begun to slacken after fifteen minutes.His spirit was strong enough but already the fatigue would be beginning to wear away at his resolve as his tortured muscles screamed for some relief.
   I stepped up to the edge of the hole and the glow of the spotlight caught the polished toes of my black leather boots.I was well aware that my tall,leather clad frame towering over him would be intimidating in the extreme,that was my intention as I now quite deliberately played with the stock of the plaited leather bullwhip,drawing the knotted tail through my gloved fingers in a manner that made it quite clear that I was ready to use it at the first opportunity.
   That opportunity came within the next five minutes as his stamina gave out and he slumped forward, supporting his sweat covered body on the shovel.Secretly I admired his performance,he had given every ounce in an attempt to please me and the firm bulge in the crotch of my leather breeches served as testament to both his efforts and his gallant failure.
   "Come here boi" I said quietly.He moved to the corner of the hole where I stood and where I had placed the heavy iron slave restraints on the grass.I had bought them in an auction of slavery related antiquities a couple of weeks earlier.They were authenticated eighteenth century artefacts that would certainly have been used to restrain the pathetic wretches who had been taken to work on the sugar plantatations.Despite,or maybe because of,their hugely politically incorrect history they had fetched a good price but unlike the majority of potential buyers my use for them was not to display as museum pieces but to use them for the purpose for which they were originally intended.
  I slipped the heavy iron collar into place around the slave's neck and it hinged shut and locked into place just as it would have done when it was new well over two centuries earlier.His head bowed slightly with the weight as the cold,heavy iron rested on his shoulder blades and I felt an undescribable sexual thrill run through my body.He obediently knelt beside the hole and placed his wrists at his sides as I drew the heavy chain around his hips connecting it to the front of the collar and then slipped the manacles on him and locked them in turn to the chain that encircled his body.He was now fully restrained and completely unable to move his hands from their position locked at his sides.The heavy iron fetters were superfluous in a way but I locked them around his ankles around the tops of his boots and connected the short length of chain that held them to each other.In this way the slave was effectively hobbled and able only to move in short shuffling steps.Originally intended as a means of preventing escape this now also served the purpose of giving him an humiliating gait imposed upon him  .by his Master.
   I turned towards the house where the solar patio lights now glowed like markers."Follow me boi" I said,my boots crunching on the gravelled path that he had laid earlier in the summer and which ran the length of the garden.It took us a minute or so to reach the house,his feet shuffling as they were restricted by the chains.We crossed the kitchen into the hallway and I slid back the bar on the old timber door that led onto the dungeon  steps.I had set the light level quite low and the dungeon was cool after the mugginess of the humid summer night.I loved the atmosphere of the subterranean chamber and the pervading silence of the place,a silence that was only ever broken by the sweet music of the slave's pitiful moans as I tortured him for my pleasure.I weighed up my options as he stood in his chains at the bottom of the steps,a bulge in his leather shorts showing that he was enjoying this just as much as I was.
   Our eyes met briefly before he averted his towards the dark stone floor and I ran a gloved hand across his chest tweaking his left nipple,something I knew turned him on.I leant forward and allowed my lips to briefly brush his.I guided him across to the steel barred upright body cage and backed him into it.His body still had patches of sweat from his digging,I  closed the cage door,I had had it made to measure for him and it was a tight fit,his chest and shoulders pushing up against the vertical bars as the lock clicked smoothly shut.
    The warm evening air had made me feel a little sweaty too and I clicked off the lights in the dungeon as I climbed the steps back to the house.I went into the kitchen and uncorked a bottle of my favourite white wine and made my way upstairs to run a cool bath,undressed and slipped into the water to relax before deciding exactly how the evening was going to continue.

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