Sunday, 9 October 2011

Initial Warning

I knew it was hopeless. I’d wasted most of the time I should have been working on the garden polishing my bike, the one luxury that Sir had allowed me, all 1000cc of gleaming metal, sex on wheels in fact. I was desperate that he’d acknowledge my apologies, it was a genuine mistake. Time simply flew by and I had no watch. If he said he was to sell the bike….. but no.  I was now naked and following him down the cellar steps so presumed I was in for a beating.
He stood me between the heavy upright posts in the centre of the room on a stool. My wrists were strapped into stiff leather restraints which were in turn attached by chains to rings near the top of the posts, I was on tip toes with arms at about 45 degrees to the horizontal, stretched tight. The thought of a beating in that position hardly bore thinking about.
Sir walked round to face me. He very quietly and calmly itemised all the disappointment he felt with me and listed what he expected a slave in my position to be capable of. He then went on to illustrate what might happen to slaves who failed to reach accepted standards. I waited for the lash from the single tailed whip he held whilst he spoke but it didn’t come, not then anyway.
Without any warning he suddenly kicked the stool out from under me. I would have screamed but my breath was taken from me. My arms felt as if they were being wrenched from their sockets and the pain, unlike some torture positions I have endured where it peaks at a level which I can just about stand, simply grew more intense with every second. Crucifixion at least had support of sorts for the feet. I hung there in absolute agony gasping for every mouthful of air. Sir now used the whip. One lash for each of the broken rules and waited for my apology between each one. I had broken 7 rules, apparently, and had to acknowledge each of them before I was released.  A total of 4 or 5 minutes in that position had reduced me to a moaning heap on the concrete floor. 
That night, chained to my bed in the attic, my body ached in a way no whipping had done in the past.

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