Monday, 31 October 2011

The Night Continues

   I led him upstairs by the collar,I needed to clean him up before continuing with the punishment.His eye was puffy and swollen and the surrounding flesh was already a dark purplish blue.In the downstairs cloakroom I sponged his face off.The blood looked much worse than it really was,my first punch had driven his top lip onto his teeth and that now mingled with beads of my cum that were spread around his mouth.
   He looked much better after I had sponged the wound and I quickly buckled on a black leather mask that covered the whole of the front of his face.It had padded eye covers and left his mouth exposed,I fully intended to use that again before the night was out,unless of course I changed my mind and chose to fuck him up the arse.That of course was my prerogative,all his holes were available for me to use as I decided.
   Once he was strapped into the mask I led him back to the dungeon.One of the features that I had incorporated into the build was the pair of vertical timber pillars,set about two metres apart and with steel anchor rings screwed into the uprights at regular intervals.I unchained him and removed the steel manacles and fetters before fitting him with solid black leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles.I clipped his wrists to the highest of the steel rings,this causing him to stand on his toes to enable him to reach.Now I took his ankles and spread his legs wide apart before slipping short lengths of rope through the D rings.As I hauled them in his feet moved outwards towards the pillars until the point was reached where he could no longer reach the floor with his feet.I secured both ankles tightly to the rings and his body now formed the shape of a star with each foot a few inches off the ground.
    I unzipped his leather shorts and took out his cock,fondling it in my gloved hand as it grew in rigidity.His vulnerability tied in this position was very erotic and I felt my cock once more beginning to respond to the visual and tactile stimulation of the situation.I selected a black leather flogger from the wall rack and teased the heavy tails through my gloved hands,swirling it through the air,feeling it's weight and listening to the satisfying whirr as it cut the air.
  I stood back and set my booted feet well apart to give me the stability that I needed as I prepared to whip him.I drew it back and brought it around from somewhere behind my back in a swirling arc,allowing the weight of it to develop the momentum and aiming for a point towards the centre of his chest between the nipples.The impact when it came was sufficient to make him cry out in pain and shock at the landing of flogger caused his tightly secured body to rock back and forth in it's bonds.No sooner had I delivered the first stroke than I drew back the whip and began the process again.By the time the second stroke landed red raised weals were already appearing from the first and I set up a rhythmic pattern of applying a stroke every couple of seconds,aiming to build the level up with each successive swing.
  His body now bucked against each impact and he emitted a long continuous groan as I settled down into the pattern of the whipping,feeling my cock tight up against the constricting leather of my breeches.His chest reddened and the individual points of impact of the tailed whip showed in darker relief as the strokes continued.I counted ten,twenty,thirty heavy strokes as I continued the punishment without any great feeling of sympathy,I was enjoying myself far too much to be constrained by such considerations.His neatly muscled torso that I loved looking at so much glistened with sweat as he fought desperately agains the secure bonds that held him directly in the path of my unforgiving flogger.Of course it was no use him fighting against it,my experience had taught me that once a slave is securely bound for punishment it is only the decision of his Master that will bring the session to a close.With my cock fully pumped up by the eroticism of the situation there was no prospect of it ending anytime soon.
  His head slumped forward onto his chest as he now gave up any hope that the vicious punishment would come to an end and I detected a low sob begin to come from him.This represented the total crushing defeat that he had now suffered and I experienced the  thrill and exhilaration that went with it. I laid the flogger down and ran my gloved hand over my crotch.Once again I had achieved a full erection as a result of the sound beating that I had given the slave.His body hung suspended between the timber uprights,still vulnerable and exposed as my eye now fell on the black case that held the electro set.
    I flipped open the clips and examined the contents.I slid open the back of the generator unit and put in a pair of new batteries before hanging it from one of the leather loops on his shorts.His cock responded once more to my touch as I tightened the elastic strap around it's base,making quite sure that the steel braids that were woven into the fabric were in contact with his flesh.I drew back his foreskin and placed  the second band around the ridge just beneath his cock head before inserting the two jack plugs into the sockets in the generator unit.He began to mumble some sort of plea as he realised what I was doing. "Shut up,slave" I said with no intention of showing him any kind of mercy.I needed to see him under the duress of electro torture now.Almost as an afterthought I took a leather head harness with a built in gag from the rack,forced the hard,unyielding rubber ball between his teeth and strapped it up tight around his skull,feeling my actions give a further kick to my already rigid cock. 
    I  twisted the control on the current generator up to full and stepped back with the zapper in my hand.I casually jabbed the button and his body performed an instant crazy dance as a desperate scream was strangled in his throat by the unforgiving rubber gag.I pressed it again,watching in frozen fascination as the high voltage performed it's evil work,I was enjoying this sadistic torture more than I could express and I wanted nothing other than to see him suffer still more and to an even higher level for my entertainment,knowing there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop or control it,he was under my power completely,and that is how it would remain until such time as I decided otherwise.

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