Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Assault

It was only as I was passing the table in the hallway on my way down to the dungeon that I glanced down and noticed them.The slave was in the habit of buying me little presents from what remained of his allowance for running the Fireblade at the end of the month and on this occasion it had been a pair of black leather sparring gloves.I picked them up and looked at them.They had arrived in the post the previous morning and I often mused as to whether the postman wondered about the anonymous parcels that we received on a regular basis.
   As a hint of the slave's desires it was a pretty strong one.I took them from the cellophane wrapper  and pulled them on,wriggling my fists into them,feeling the  tight resistance of the new leather as they took on the shape of my big hands.They felt good and purposeful as I pulled the velcro bands across and secured them around my fists and I knew then that I would now have no option but to experience the erotic violence that they promised.I loved the way the padded leather moulded around my knuckles and imagined them at the moment of impact as they drove deep into his body and the pain that he would feel as they made contact.
   I am not at all certain at what point he noticed that I had put them on.The black leather executioner style hood and the heavy leather studded forearm protectors probably drew his attention first and disguised my intention of opening the session in such unexpectedly explosive,spectacular fashion.
    Had the sexual drive not been as strong I would probably have felt like a bully.He stood half a head shorter than me,four stone lighter in addition to which his arms were shackled tightly to his sides by strong steel chains.His capacity for either defence or offence was negated very effectively and he was totally vulnerable to whatever I might choose to do to him.But this imbalance of power didn't have any bearing on what I did now I had removed him from the confinement of the steel body cage where he had languished for the past hour,it possibly exacerbated it and made it still hotter.
    I am not,nor have I ever been a boxer.I can see the obvious homoerotic attraction of the sport,although I must admit retrospectively to being  rather taken by surprise by the strength of my reaction to what occcurred in the next few seconds.I had led him out of the cage by his collar and had him standing before me as I suddenly and without warning delivered a swinging left handed uppercut to his belly,catching him just beneath the ribs.The resistance of his firm muscles was more than I had expected,he was in good physical shape after his summer of hard labour and it was only the arrival of the hard driven right handed punch to the same spot that drove the wind from him,the resistance of his flesh followed immediately by this sudden capitulation of  his muscles was a wonderfully enjoyable new experience.I had of course seen body punching as a form of erotica but had not realised it's raw intensity caused by the direct contact between my fists and his body.His stunned gasp from the second impact began the process of collapsing his knees and,as he sagged before me I now punched him firmly in the face,using my left fist again.
    The result was immediate and quite spectacular.His bottom lip,driven onto his teeth and crushed beneath my fist split open and the blood released by it in a spurt spread across his chin,running in a crimson rivulet down the front of his neck.My cock,which had immediately turned to steel at the first impact seemed to harden still further and I brought my right fist round to make contact just beneath his left eye.The connection again was perfect and all thoughts of how he was going to look for the next fortnight with his faced heavily bruised by my vicious punches were driven far from my mind by the sexual thrill of  delivering this unprovoked beating.
    I pride myself on keeping control in these situations,but this was the closest I had ever come to losing it as,driven by my peaking sexual desire I desperately needed to hurt him more.I didn't really think about it for a split second as he now balanced on his knees on the floor in front of me,instinctively I drew back a leg and drove my laced leather knee boot with some force into his unprotected genitals.His scream of agony reverberated around the dungeon as his testicles,crushed by the heavy impact,forced him to curl into a ball.I gathered my composure,knowing that I had gone as far as I dare without risking permanent damage and,stepping forward placed my right boot on the side his neck,creating a pose of absolute domination as he lay there groaning.It felt so good that remorse didn't come into it.
   I bent down and grabbed the chain attached to the steel collar and hauled him roughly back onto his knees.His face looked a bit of a mess now with the blood spread across the lower half and his eye already closing from a large,puffy bruise.My first rection was to clean him up and give him some sort of first aid,but my attention was now drawn to my raging erection that was desperately fighting  to get out of my leather breeches.I unzipped and my huge cock sprang free,hard and streaked with the pre cum that had been released during the period of my dressing for this encounter and over the time of this short  but explosive assault.
  I forced it roughly between his bloodied lips.If I expected resistance I was mistaken  and  I felt his desperation match my own now .Despite or maybe because of, the vicious beating he had received he took it instantly into to his throat,disregarding the fact that it was already beginning to choke him as my rigid shaft denied him air.I drove into him with ever increasing force,perhaps a dozen times. Each thrust took my erection fully to the hilt as he choked on both blood and cock.Then the first wave of the most incredible orgasm hit me,taking my own breath away as the spunk now coursed it's way down his throat like a hot,salty river with the force that felt to me like that of a discharging gun.I emptied every last drop into him,telling him to clean me up with his mouth,which he did with his usual thoroughness,gleaning the final dribbles that oozed from my slit and swallowing them greedily in the way that he had that made me feel the best Master on earth,such was his obvious desire for the fluids that my body produced to feed him on.It was to be the first orgasm of a very long night  that we would both have cause to remember.

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