Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Borrowed 2

At last the doors opened by which time my sweat had cooled and I was shivering inside as well as out. He leant in and pulled himself up by the bars of the cage all the while shouting at me to prepare for some exercise and to watch out for myself, kicking the bars as he unlocked the door. He grabbed my head and unbuckled the gag. I thought he would unlock my arms, although all feeling had left them some while ago, but instead he simply pulled open his leathers and started to slap me around the face with his half erect cock. The precum splattered on my cheeks and the smell of piss mixed with dry cum and warm sweaty balls was overpowering. I did my best to open my mouth to take his cock which was visibly getting harder with every swipe of my face but only managed to gag a few times before he lost patience. He grabbed my ears and pulled my head forwards. I yelled as my balls were still tied to the rear bars and by doing so simply made it easy for him to choke the sound with his meat as he thrust it past my teeth into my throat. He didn't wait for me to suck or give him any pleasure, he just thrust violently as deep as his cock would go shouting at me to "take it bitch boi" no doubt hoping I could breath at least for some of the time. I tried, breathing that is, generally without success. I tried to grab a lungful to scream at the pain on my balls as much as anything, his hands simply held me in a vice like grip as he stuffed my mouth. Golden circles of light revolved in my vision and I felt my head swimming as his threats grew to a howl and he held his last thrust deep as his spunk pumped in to me. I couldn't gasp or swallow but as his cock head was past the opening of my throat that didn't matter. The warm cum simply slid into me. He withdrew as he was finishing ejaculating and I got a mouthful of him which dribbled from my mouth as I knelt panting.
He sat back and faced me. "Bet you hate me now boi don't you? Well, never mind, hate me or love me you're mine for a few hours yet so make the most of it." A final slap round the face as he leaned over the cage and unlocked my wrists and he jumped down. "Two minutes, I want you out here". He walked out of sight.

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