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The Blue Lamp

    I suppose I should really have guessed that I had made a serious mistake as soon as I walked into the bar.Call it naivety from an innocent abroad that I didn't catch on and do an instant runner.From the outside it just seemed to have that certain indiscernible quality that appealed to me.The place had a sort of a timewarp that reminded me of the kind of films I loved so much.Made around the middle of the last century and featuring locations around post war Europe.
   This was my very first night in Berlin.It was a city I had heard so much about but had never before visited,so far it hadn't disappointed.So as the autumn light faded I had ventured out into the district of the city that was comprised of bars and restaurants and it had felt good.A decent meal had contributed to the feeling of well being and it was shortly after leaving the restaurant that I passed the cellar bar called  "The Blue Lamp".
   The steep narrow stairs descended beneath street level and along a winding narrow passage lined with framed monochrome prints that were redolent of an earlier age.I vaguely recognised a couple of film stars of the thirties as well as others that were more esoteric,but all of which added to the pleasantly retro feel of the place.
  The heavy wooden door swung open to reveal a long,narrow rectangular bar with high stools in a row along the polished timber counter top.Two guys who looked to me like bikers were deep in conversation towards the far end and they appeared to take little notice of me as I ordered a beer and took a seat on one of the upholstered benches opposite.I sat for a while reading the English newspaper that I had brought with me on the flight earlier and sipped at the lager that the barman had served in the big litre glass,it was about half an hour by the time I drained it and I made a mental note to ensure that I only ordered a small one on the next occasion.
   I was getting ready to leave when one of the guys came over and introduced himself as Kurt.He was the bigger of the two,tall blond and broad shouldered,bright blue piercing eyes and dressed in black leather from the waist down.The well cut black leather breeches that he wore did nothing to hide the distinctly well developed bulge that hung to the right hand side of his crotch and he also wore a rather fetishistic looking pair of highly polished black leather motor cycle boots that buckled around his calfs with four heavy leather straps,beneath which the insteps had panels where laces criss crossed and were tied neatly in bows.From where I sat Kurt's bulge was at face level and I considered that he was either very big or he already had the beginnings of an erection under the black leather of those wonderful looking tightly zipped breeches.We were soon joined by Johann,the other guy from the bar.He was several inches smaller than Kurt,I guessed around five feet eight,but he too had a nicely developed body,it was clear that both guys worked out rtegularly.He was dressed much the same,identical breeches,but his black leather knee boots were laced from instep to knee.Both of them had left their motor bike jackets hanging on the coat hooks at the far end and the tight black short sleeved tee shirts they wore certainly showed off their muscled torsos to full advantage. 
    Unlike his friend Johann had short dark hair but I could easily understand their attraction to one another despite the fact that I certainly didn't consider myself to be in any way gay,having never had a relationship of any kind with a guy.The bar tender brought over three more litre glasses of beer and placed them on the table between us.I hadn't intended to have another but calculated that I would still have only drunk three and a half pints,I could handle that.
   They both spoke quite good English,albeit heavily accented  and I found them quite interesting.Kurt was a student of local history and he explained that although the city had been pretty comprehensively flattened by the bombing during the war the nature of the buildings had meant that much of the accommodation had in fact been below ground level,so a lot of this had survived,including the bar that we were in."Our apartment is an excellent example of this" he said "We have a very spacious basement area that remained completely intact,perhaps you might like to see it,it is  only just around the corner".
  In normal circumstances I most probably would not have accepted the offer and I had completely forgotten the two glasses of red wine that I had drunk in the restaurant with my dinner so by this time I was perhaps more than a little drunk and saw no reason to be cautious,after all,what could happen to me? We walked the few hundred metres from the bar to their apartment.It looked warm and inviting in the dark October night with the bright light spilling out from the windows onto the street.The apartment was spread over two floors above ground and was furnished quite sparsely in a minimalist style that used light wood and stainless steel to complement the expanses of cream painted walls.We sat in the lounge around a low coffee table and Johann pulled the cork from a bottle of white wine before placing a good sized glass in front of me.I rationalised,although I was fairly drunk I could still walk alright and could always call a taxi to take me back to the hotel.We drank the wine and more was poured despite my protests,which  were waved away in a friendly manner commensurate with good hosts.Conversation turned to the building and Kurt produced a faded sepia photograph that showed the entire street as it was in 1945.The houses were bare shells with no glass in the windows and roofs missing."Come and have a look at the basement" Kurt was on his feet and heading towards the stripped wooden door that led onto a flight of  concrete steps that descended to the cellar area.
    I don't know what I was expecting it to be like  really.Most likely a modern equipped office space where they worked from with chromium tubular chairs or maybe a leisure area where they listened to music,or painted or indulged in whatever their hobbies were.We  reached the bottom of the steps.The sight that now confronted me momentarily took my breath away.There before me was a scene from another world,another time.The room was large and probably about twenty feet by twelve but it was equipped not as I had imagined as an office but rather in the manner of a dungeon.The stone flagged floors were of dark slate like material and the wall at the far end had a steel body cage built into one corner as well as a pair of upright timber roof supports,substantial solid oak columns the best part of a foot square with iron rings set into them at intervals.I was struck into silence."What do you think of it?" The question came from Johann "It's..It's...v.very nice" I replied.I really was totally at a loss as to what to say."You should try it out" he continued.I felt a chill run down my spine.There was something in the way that this was said that told me that this was not so much a recommendation as an order.
  I tried to be casual and glanced at my watch "I really should be getting back to my hotel,I have an early meeting tomorrow". Kurt laughed "But you could stay here". Without warning a huge hand extended and took me by the scruff of the neck and then forced me down onto my knees where I knelt in shock."If you co-operate with us you will get to your meeting on time tomorrow morning" He could not have made himself more clear as to his intentions regarding me and at six feet four and heavily muscled there was no way that I was going to escape him.He pulled on a pair of black leather gloves in a meaningful way and then walked across to a table and picked up a vicious looking black riding crop which he flexed between his outstretched hands. "Get him ready" he said to Johann.
   The smaller man walked up to me,his leather boots clicking distinctly on the stone floor with every step."Take off all your clothes boy" he ordered.I hesitated briefly but as Kurt was within striking distance and still flexing the crop I did as he said and began to undress until eventually I stood naked between them.I noticed now that Kurt's bulge had grown appreciably as I had stripped off and he stepped forward and placed the riding crop on the ridge of my right shoulder blade. He began to trace the line of it with the tip of the crop."Now boy, for the next few hours you belong to us.You will address me as Master Kurt and you will address him as Sir.He pointed the crop towards Johann."Is that clear boy?" I heard my own voice say "Yes Master Kurt" I really couldn't believe that I had capitulated in such an easy manner.Johann approached and I noticed that he held a long leather tube covered in laces in his hands.He moved behind me and I felt him place the single arm glove over my wrists and proceed to tighten the laces.The effect was quite remarkable.As he laced it up my arms began to move closer together behind my back and the restricting feel of the glove grew inexorably.Finally he buckled the shoulder straps into position and tightened up the four leather straps that ran around my arms from the wrists up to just beneath the shoulders.In this way my arms were pinioned tightly behind my back.I struggled briefly to move them but they didnt budge a millimetre.
    Now they had me where they wanted.I suppose that had effectively been the case ever since we had entered the house as I had no doubt that had I attempted to leave at any point these two fit guys would have overpowered me easily.They stood side by side looking at their prey,beaten and submissive before them.I glanced from one to the other.Apart from their height and build they were pretty much identical,black leather boots and breeches held tightly at the waist by wide,heavy grade leather belts,skin tight  black tee shirts that showed every muscular ripple of their superbly developed torsos and fine black leather gloves. I kept myself in pretty decent trim but compared to these two I was a weakling.Kurt's blue eyes seemed to bore into me as he played once more with the riding crop,giving me the impression that he might well like me to give him the excuse to use it on me. "OK,finish preparing him" he said to Johann.
   The next stage of the preparation involved me being fitted with a black leather penis restraint.Johann grabbed my cock and pulled it through the circular aperture in the leather before buckling the strap underneath my balls and connecting it to the one that encircled me below the waist.He grabbed my balls roughly, screwing them into a painful bunch that caused me to yell out.This brought me a solid back handed slap across the face with his gloved hand that sent me reeling and I was ordered to remain silent.I was a bit shocked by the slap.It was the first time any violence had been offered and,subdued by the blow I meekly allowed Johann to buckle up the four thin leather straps  around my penis shaft.To my absolute amazement I found myself developing an erection as he deftly drew the buckles up tight and my cock was squeezed by their ever decreasing circumference.I gasped as much in pleasure now,wondering if it was the mere act of physical compression that was causing my arousal or whether the whole experience was in fact becoming an unlooked for erotic pleasure.I had never looked at a guy and fancied him but my eyes now fell again on Kurt's crotch.The way the dimly lit dungeon was illuminated cast him largely in shadow as he stood towering over me but the massive bulge that distended the black leather of his breeches was totally unmistakable now.I guessed that his cock must be huge as the line of the shaft lay diagonally positioned across his zipped fly as he lightly stroked himself with the flat leather tip of the crop.I looked at Johann and saw that his crotch too was equally strained .He now proceeded to fit me with a leather head harness.The heavy leather straps enclosed my skull as if it had been placed in some kind of rigid net.At the centre of this device  straps held a hard leather covered tube that he fitted inside my mouth and buckled into place.This ring gag served to hold my mouth fully open and I had a pretty good idea of what it's function was.Johann buckled a wide heavy black leather collar around my neckThis  forced my head back due to it's width and stiffness and finally he clipped on a short leather leash,rather like a leather dog lead.
   Bound in such a manner I was now under his total control and he was easily able to lead me wherever he chose,a feeling of sheer absolute helplessness now threatened to overwhelm me and I felt any resolve that I may have had to resist collapse.He tugged lightly on the leash and I followed him obediently to the centre of the dungeon where a four legged timber bench was positioned.He bent my waist  across it and secured both my legs to the rear uprights with wide leather straps and then lifted my arms up behind me in the glove before clipping a D ring at the end onto a steel ring that was set into the ceiling beam.Kurt stood against the far wall watching the performance before Johann appeared back in my line of vision.
   He now held a rather vicious looking coiled black leather bullwhip in his right hand which he proceeded to crack through the air a few times.If this was intended to frighten me it did a very good job.I desperately wanted to beg him for mercy but of course the ring gag that was forcing my mouth wide open prevented me from saying anything,or even making any sort of coherent sound.It now emitted a thin but steady trail of drool that fell in strings onto the dungeon floor beneath my face and this itself added greatly to my humiliation which I guessed was part of the reason for them fitting me up in this manner.Johann walked around me slowly. Every step reverberating as his polished black leather laced knee boots made contact with the dark stone floor.He stopped where I could see him and slowly and deliberately drew the braided whip tail through his left glove until he held the tightly knotted tip between his gloved fingers.It was a mesmerising performance that had me quaking in fear for how things would progress.
   The suspense was electric.I waited for the first stroke of the whip to land and time seemed to stop. Suddenly with a crack the air was split and an instant later I felt a sharp pain that spread across my body as if I had been stabbed in the back with a knife.I heard my own disembodied howl fill the dungeon.It was even more painful than I had expected and my howl quickly subsided into a soft sob as I contemplated my inability to influence in asny way at all what was happening to me,or indeed what might happen from here on.I had no idea of the time that elapsed between the first and second strokes but when it came the next stroke seemed to hurt even more than the previous one had.Kurt now moved forward and stood with his firm leather crotch right up to my face.He held the collar leash and stroked the side of my face with his gloved fingers in a way that seemed to be encouraging me to fall into the pain,to accept and embrace it.It was a strangely comforting experience and I felt the warm hardness of his body beneath the black leather as he pushed himself into me,an action that he quite clearly found quite stimulating too.Johann wielded the bullwhip with expertise and from the third stroke I felt the effect of the endorphins begin to take hold.I began to feel a euphoria that was out of keeping with the fact that I had been forcibly bound and gagged and was now being whipped soundly.My head became light and the strokes seemed to merge into one another until eventually I lost track of their number.When Johann eventually laid down the whip I lay exhausted across the was at this point that Kurt unzipped his breeches and withdrew his cock.It was quite simply magnificent.It must have been eight inches in length with a girth that defied even his big hand to stood massively erect just waiting to spit it's load of hot creamy semen in my direction and,having seen it,I wanted it. I didn't have long to wait.Kurt moved forward and slotted his cock into the  ring gag.I was surprised that it fitted in,such was it's thickness.But the huge pink column did fit and I felt it's firm push as it made it's way like a thick,sinuous snake towards the back of my mouth as Kurt worked his leather clad hips back and forth to drive it deeper and deeper inside me.It was at this point that I realised that something was also going on behind me.The first evidence of this was the sensation of something being pushed into my arse.As it progressed I felt the cool lubricant as it was spread inside me and I knew that Johann was preparing me to be fucked.Eventually I heard him emit a low groan and I felt his erect cock enter and penetrate my virgin arse,burying itself deep inside me as he thrust himself forward.By this time Kurt had taken a tight hold on the leash attached to my collar and he was penetrating deep into my tight throat with long,slow strokes that he was quite clearly enjoying tremendously judging by the noises of satisfaction that were coming from him.His long thick cock at it's full extent now filled my throat,cutting off my airways completely.I began to splutter as I fought for air but being tightly bound as well as secured to the fucking bench by several heavy leather straps as well as having my bound wrists hooked up high to the overhead anchor point I was  totally unable to move as the two black leather clad guys spit roasted me from either end.It seemed as if my spluttering was stimulating Kurt even further as his wild thrusts became still more frenzied now and I guessed that he was nearing his orgasm.I hoped that he would soon shoot before I passed out from lack of air and suddenly my prayers were answered as I heard his scream and felt the first shot of hot spunk hit my throat.The sensation was like nothing I had ever experienced before and I tried desperately to move my throat muscles so as to milk as much cum from him as I could and I felt wave after wave of his juice as it at first spurt,and then trickled in a constant stream down to my belly.I had no idea of the quantity that he released into me but it seemed to me as if I might drown in his spunk.Eventually Kurt relaxed and,as he  rocked back on his heels  his orgasm subsided.Then I heard from behind me Johann's shout of pleasure,almost as loud as his partner's had been as his own cock unloaded it's hot cargo and propelled it deep into my arse.
   Of course I had no option to remain exactly where I was while they used me to clean the residue from both their cocks.Kurt removed the ring gag which I guessed had been put into place to prevent me from biting him,not that this was an option that would have crossed my mind while I was in such a vulnerable position.I obediently cleaned them both in turn,gagging slightly at Johann's which had been buried deep inside my arse,but the cause of this was more psychological than anything to do with any unpleasant taste.Having used me to cleanse them both thoroughly they zipped up and Johann released me from the  bench across which I had been bound and unstrapped my arms from the leather single arm glove.I was ordered to go into the corner of the dungeon and face the wall.They spoke in German of which I only understood a little but I guessed that they were discussing what to do next.I heard Johann say the word "Polizei" and I assumed they were deciding if would report them when released.
    The next thing I knew was that Johann had hold of the leash and I was being led on all fours across to the other corner where a rectangular steel cage was positioned.He opened the door and used his boot to encourage me to crawl inside.Once I was in there he brought a short length of steel chain from the rack on the wall and secured me to a steel bolt set into the cage floor by the D ring that was in the front of the leather posture collar that I wore.He produced a two small silver steel padlocks and slipped one through the bolt in the cage floor and the end link of the chain so that my face was only a few inches from the metal.He closed the steel door and used the other lock to shut me inside.My hands were free but of course being fixed by the collar and being locked in there was  absolutely no prospect of escape and I had to resign myself to the fact that it was their intention to keep me there until they made a decision on what to do with me.I had the hope of course that Kurt had said that if I complied with their desires I would make my meeting in the morning but I was unsure just how much I could rely on this.
  Being chained into that position soon became quite uncomfortable.However I moved my body the aching soon spread from my knees and thighs to my back and I was now left in pitch darkness as they had left,presumably having gone to bed in the upper part of the house.All kinds of possibilities went through my mind as to their intentions for me.In the darkness the more dire outcomes took on the aspect of reality and I imagined myself being found a couple of days later floating naked in one of the cities rivers or being disposed of in one of a variety of horrendous ways.I had no idea of how much time had elapsed either.I knew that I had left the restaurant at nine.Maybe a couple of hours at The Blue Lamp and it may have been another three since we had arrived at their house.I guessed it might be about two in the morning.
    Sleep was out of the question in the position in which I was held and there really was nothing that I could do but wait,changing my position as regularly as I could to relieve the worst of the aches and keep my circulation going.Eventually a shaft of light penetrated the darkness of my prison.It came from the top of the stairs and was followed by the sound of boots.Johann was carrying a stainless steel tray that consisted of two stamped out bowls.He unlocked the cage and  pushed the tray in so that it came to rest under my face.One bowl had a warmish liquid that as he put on a recessed uplighter took on the hue of coffee,the other  contained some grey coloured mass that appeared to be porridge.He laughed as he re-locked the cage door. "Kurt insists on treating guests in such a manner,I would give you cold water and stale bread" I was quickly forming the opinion that Johann was the guy I had to fear.He possessed a genuine streak of sadism in his personality and I had no doubt whatsoever that I was to be the subject of his attention.I guessed that my back already carried the scars of his bullwhip from the previous night.I drank and ate as best I could and then  settled down to manage the time.
    It was probably about two hours before the door at the top of the stairs opened again.I guessed that by now my business meeting would have begun and it would be noticed that I was  missing.They would check with the hotel and presumably find that my bed had been slept in because I had taken a nap the previous evening before I had gone out.I thought that they would most likely look at the CCTV and find that I had left the hotel the previous evening.It was Kurt who came down the stairs this time.His big frame was clothed in only a pair of brief running shorts and a tee shirt and he wore trainers.He unlocked the cage and released my collar from the floor bolt."Follow me" he said in a way that was not unfriendly.He led me up to the lounge that looked out onto the street.It was a bright,sunlit autumn morning outside.Johann sat at the dining table dressed in his leathers with a mug of coffee in front of him."We want you to stay" he said simply. "But I can't" I protested,adding "I have a family who will be missing me".He didn't speak but turned his laptop towards me revealing a picture of myself .I read the profile " Marcus Watkins,38 years old,single,sales negotiator,lives alone in Norwich.Next of Kin  Richard Watkins,Uncle ,Cape Town, South Africa .

   I swallowed hard.Somehow he had managed to access my file and that had revealed  just how unlikely it was that I would  be  missed by anyone other  than my employer. "But you can't do that..." my mind raced to think of valid reasons to back up my assertion but Johann was there before me "Oh but I think you will find that we can. Before  I could say anything else he asked "Can you honestly say that you didn't enjoy your little introductory session last night,you certainly seemed to be"."Look that isn't the point.,what makes you think that you can just take a guy off the streets and turn him into some sort slave".As I said it I realised that this was exactly what I had been taken for.Johann suddenly appeared to harden in his line."Look there are two ways we can do this.You can either give in and allow us to make of you whatever we choose,or you can resist.In a way I rather hope that you will because I will break you boy".The riding crop that Kurt had carried the previous night was lieing on the chair and Johann stood up and flexed it between his hands."Now which is it to be?" The inference was quite clear.If I did not acqiesce to their demands Johann would use less than gentle methods to make me comply.I really had no other option.I decided to play along with it until I got the chance to escape.I considered that it would be very hard for them to guard me twenty four hours a day and I would take the opportunity as soon as it presented itself.
   So I agreed to their terms.They laid down what my duties would be.It amounted to a combination of houseboy and sex slave.I was given a uniform consisting of a pair of lace up ankle boots,a black leather collar emblazoned with the word "slave" in silver letters and a black leather thong just big enough to contain my genitals.I was told that I should speak only when spoken to and apart from that I should obey any orders given by either them instantly or a punishment would be carried out.johann led me into the kitchen and placed a box of cleaning materials on the work top.He still carried the riding crop which he used to point to the various places that needed to be cleaned and I set to work.After a short while I decided to check that the back door to the house was actually locked.I tried to turn the handle but they had obviously thought of that.As I worked I began to think logically about my situation.My treatment of the previous night had not actually been that unpleasant and I had been very much turned on by the spit roasting by two extremely fit guys.Even the whipping had not been too bad,certainly once the endorphins had begun to flow.On the down side I was pretty sure that Johann especially had rougher stuff planned for me but for now I just kept my head down and did as they said.
   I was working for maybe two hours when Johann returned.I had worked diligently and everything looked sparkling in the kitchen.He still carried the riding crop which he had a habit of flicking against the top of his right boot in a somewhat threatening way as I worked and I must admit that my cock twitched as I took in the sight of his muscled body confined by the skin tight black leather.He walked elegantly with an economy of movement that fascinated me even though the threat of the crop scared me to the core.My eyes fell on his crotch.His cock was quite clearly erect beneath the leather which showed quite clearly the outline and dimensions of his shaft.My mind wandered to the memory of it from the previous night's session.It wasn't as big as Kurt's but it was nevertheless most impressive and I had no doubt whatsoever judging from it's current condition that it would not be too long before I saw it again.He walked up to where I knelt as I worked and picked up a short braided black leather leash from the worktop,clipping it deftly to my collar.He looked down at me unsmiling ash is gloved fingers pulled on the leash until I felt the transmitted warmth of his body beneath my lips.I began to kiss the firm bulge,drinking in the heavy aroma of the leather that now filled my senses completely.Johann began to breathe more heavily as I kissed the still firming bulge,my lips performing a sensuous dance.The leather felt good and I realised  that my erection too was growing as I teased him with my kisses.He reached down and stroked my cock with his riding crop."Getting excited are we boy,did Master tell you that you were allowed to ecome aroused?" "No Master" I heard my words of abject compliance fall from my lips and I knew that Johann was following a plan that would result in my total enslavement.I was on the slope now but powerless to resist as I slid inexorably towards complete submission.My kisses grew in both strength and intensity and the bulge beneath the leather responded."Take the zip down boy" My fingers responded  to his command and the zipper slid effortlessly down it's track as the fly of his breeches parted.The aroma now changed as his rampant maleness mingled with the smell of leather to form an erotic cocktail and his erect shaft appeared before me.I regarded the hard pillar of flesh for a second and then extended my tongue to take the bead of glistening liquid that had welled in the slit at the centre of the pink dome.I felt Johann shudder briefly and then his hips thrust forward as he took what he clearly considered his right and his cock penetrated deep into my throat.I fought back the choking sensation as best I could,well aware that I was a novice at this but nevertheless determined to make a good job of it,partly due to the threat of the riding crop but partly because deep down inside I knew that I wanted to. Johann's actions now became much more aggressive.Tucking the riding crop into his heavy leather belt he now grabbed my head with his left hand and screwed my hair into a painful bunch,his other hand holding the leash that was attached to my collar.He now proceeded to violently fuck my mouth with complete disregard to the fact that his cock had now cut off my airways.His own satisfaction was his sole concern and,even as I fought for air I recognised for the first time his right to put his sexual pleasure above my welfare,he was turning me into his slave in my acceptance of his domination.


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