Monday, 9 January 2012

His Mistake

Oh how I love it when he is scared.I watch for the body language as the shoulders droop and he loses confidence in his ability to handle the situation.It's cruel of me of course,but then cruelty is what it's all about,it's what our relationship began  with and what it has grown and developed around.
    There are different sorts  but they are all equally delicious.When I am got up in all my leathers and I am holding the cavalry whip in my gloved right hand I can see the fear in his eyes.It's good,cock hardening fear.The kind of fear you see in a guy when he knows that you can destroy him.I've often wondered what it would be like to bind him securely,say to a good solid tree trunk,and to use that whip to it's full potential.
  With a weapon like that,heavy and unforgiving you know that it wouldn't be long before it started to carve it's way into his flesh.I tend to take aim on his arse and give him maybe thirty of forty moderate to heavy strokes.The whip makes him bleed,beginning at about the halfway point.I realise that it's pretty painful but by the time I have finished he is still capable of going down on me and bringing me off delightfully into his mouth and throat.
    Then  now and again I get these dark thoughts.I love the vulnerabilty of his body in suspension and I get to thinking about how it would be if I really decided to hurt him.I see his body slowly rising as the electric hoist lifts him towards the ceiling by the heavy leather ankle cuffs.I stop when his head is about crotch level and buckle the wide black leather thigh cuffs on him.They have the wrist ones attached and,as I tighten their silver steel buckles his arms are soon secured neatly at his sides.
   He looks  so good hanging there in the dimly lit dungeon.The low lights reflect from his neatly sculpted shoulders giving areas of shade all down his back where his body narrows towards the waist and I just have to touch him.My black leather fingers trace the line of his spine and I feel the delightful outline of his muscles.It is so sensuous to touch them and to feel their firm resistance.I slide the black leather hood over his head.The gleaming jet hide is supple yet strong and the act of buckling it up tight so that it follows the profile of his skull is erotic in the extreme.This one has extra leather straps that extend right around the sides and buckle down on the base of his neck and as I meticulously tighten each individual strap I savour the gradually increasing restriction of his movement.
    Finally all the straps are tightened to their full extent and the effect is erotic in the extreme.The marketing blurb called it a  "Sci-Fi" hood,and certainly the price was pretty astronomical.Nevertheless I do appreciate the amount of work that went into it's creation and it looks sublime.I buckle the blindfold section into place and pick up the gag attachment,which I have a feeling that I am going to need today.He feels the  hard rubber plug being slid between his teeth and I tighten the buckles on either side of the mouth aperture that serves to pull the  rubber in deeper.He makes a soft gurgling noise and I run my hands across his torso as he hangs motionless in mid air.
    The cavalry whip always feels good.It is about four feet long and gloriously weighty,carved from a single piece of heavy leather.When I draw the tail through my gloved hand I can feel it's destructive potential just by holding it.I stand back and set my booted feet well apart.My own reflection catches my eye in the mirror on the wall.I think that maybe it is just as well for him that he is hooded,the sight would surely be fearsome to him as I prepare to take aim.
    Suddenly I am aware of the pleasurable throbbing at my crotch.The build up has produced a substantial erection and the resultant pre-cum is already beginning to soak through the tight black leather  of my breeches.I draw back the whip and bring it round in a full blooded sizzling curve and it impacts mid way between his shoulder blades.His body sways and tosses  as the heavy tail leaves a broad dark red mark on his flesh.A strangled scream comes from beneath the gag and before he has stopped swaying I land a second stroke across the first.Gradually I build into the rhythm.The whip sings followed by the impact and then the next stroke.Mentally I count to ten in between strokes,six a minute cutting into his swinging body.
   I lose count of the number as I realise that I am reaching a trance like state of pleasurable mental satisfaction,the regular noise of the heavy whip landing on his body pushing me further and further towards euphoria.The whip has begun to open wounds now and his back bleeds freely from them the streams of blood finding their way to his shoulders from where they begin to drip onto the dungeon floor.

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