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    The 737 from Berlin finally rolled to a halt and the passengers began to spill out into the terminal building.I glanced at my wristwatch,nearly four thirty,I wouldn't bother going back into the office.As I only carried hand luggage for the one night stop I quickly got through the airport and collected my car from the car park.It was then that my mobile rang and Linda said "Mr de Jong wants to see you tonight,he said you can either come into the office or if it is easier you can call at his house".
    The prospect of fighting my way into the city from Heathrow and then out again didn't appeal and as he lived near to Amersham it made good sense to go there.I wondered what could be so important as to require my immediate attention at his own house.The financial planning meeting at our Berlin office had been pretty much routine and there wasn't anything of consequence to report.
    Kurt de Jong was a good boss,although most of the male employees found the effect he had on the female members of staff quite annoying.He was six feet four tall and the body that he had displayed by the side of the pool at the de Jong Aviation Systems summer party left very little to be desired or imagined.It wasn't just the chiselled torso and six pack,the tiny,shiny black speedos clearly held a pretty impressive package too.He had piercing blue eyes,a shock of blond hair that belied his forty five years and usually displayed a couple of days light stubble that had a vaguely red tinge.
   Despite this apparent eligibility Kurt had never married or been known to have a girlfriend.This had inevitably led to speculation about his sexuality.This speculation was usually  promoted by envious male colleagues and equally strongly denied by the female contingent who all clearly regarded the idea as anathema.As I left the M25 and headed off into the verdant Buckinghamshire countryside however Kurt de Jong's sexuality was not high on my list of concerns.
    Latimer Hall was an early twentieth century red brick ediface constructed in the quiet wooded lanes that comprised this up market commuter belt just twenty miles from the capital.The high black painted metal gates swung open automatically as I turned into the long,tree lined drive that approached the front of the house.Kurt's pale silver blue Bentley Coupe stood  in front of the separate garage,ostentatiously displaying the registration KDJ1.The number plate alone cost more than most people's cars. I parked beside it and got out.He had obviously seen my arrival on CCTV because by the time I was  out of the car he was already standing on the front steps.He greeted me in a friendly enough manner with his usual firm,manly handshake.He had apparently been working out in the gym as was evidenced by the black running shorts,high cut on the hips to show his long muscled legs,and a matching vest displaying a his finely muscled torso and the nicely developed six pack."Do come in Michael". He motioned me into the hallway."Come through to the kitchen I have some fresh coffee brewed".He placed an orange mug in my hand and continued talking "Why I asked you here tonight was that there is something I want you to see" Without furrther comment he left the kitchen and walked into the hall.I followed him,curious now as to what this was all about.
   Once in the hallway he opened a door on the right and flicked on a light."Do come down and take a look at this".I presumed that this was where his gym was situated and I followed him onto a flight of bare stone steps that led down to some sort of cellar beneath the main part of the house.It was an intense shock to me what was now revealed.As I reached the bottom of the steps spread out before me,instead of the gym that I had expected to see appeared to be some kind of subterranean dungeon,complete with steel barred cages and all manner of strange,worrying equipment that I had never even seen before.
    Suddenly it came to me the reason that I had been asked to visit."Look Kurt I don't really mind how you live your life,but you need to know that I am not into this sort of thing,and I am certainly not gay".His reaction was  not at all the one I had expected,he laughed long and loud and laid a big hand on my shoulder "Yes Michael I I know that".I looked at him and said "I must admit then that I don't know why you have taken me into your confidence in this way". "Come back upstairs and I will show you".We went back up and he led me into a large oak panelled study with french windows that looked out onto an immaculately lawned back garden that extended as far as the eye could see.I noticed with the first hint of concern that on the desk in the corner several accounts books had been systematically laid out and bore several markings from an orange highlighter."What do you know about Treschmann Digital Systems?"The question came like a bolt out of the blue.I had been dealing with Marcus Treschmann for three years and had received around two hundred thousand Euros in cash for software that had not gone through the company books but had been paid directly into my bank account.It had seemed a relatively risk free scam at the time.
   Kurt  continued "You see Treschmann has got himself into some serious financial hassle with the German tax authorities and the result is that your little indiscretion has come to light" There was nothing that I could say and I just stood there with the coffee mug in my hand saying nothing.The silence was broken by Kurt. "There are two ways we can handle this".He stood with his back towards me looking out of the window and I was struck by just how massively powerful he was."I can either pass all this" He swept a hand casually towards the desk "over to the fraud squad with all that it will entail,a substantial prison sentence I would have thought or..." I awaited the alternative with bated breath,hardly daring to think it but in reality knowing what was coming"..or,you can take one month's unpaid leave". I could not believe what I was hearing.A months salary amounted to around three thousand pounds "And pay back the two hundred thousand Euros?" I asked.
  "Not necessarily,not if you agree to the second part.Because that money is all water under the bridge,most of it in tax year 2010.But the second part is that you will spend that month serving me as my personal slave". I gulped and wondered if I was hearing correctly but still did not speak. Eventually i regained my equilibrium sufficiently to muster my thoughts together "I am sure there must be another way...." Kurt cut me off short "No,there isn't,either you agree to my proposition or you don't it's as simple as that.

  What I did know of Kurt of course was that just like most high flying businessmen he possessed a remarkable single mindedness in getting what he wanted and I didn't really rate my chances of negotiating much away from the position he had already set out.Of course I had the option of calling his bluff,but what if it wasn't? I knew someone who had been caught doing what I had and he had received a five year jail sentence.
"And what are the limitations on my treatment during this month?" "Absolutely none" came the reply. "A slave is a slave,you will be treated in exactly the way I wish to treat you.I warn you I am an extremely  hard taskmaster and if your performance falls short of my requirements in any respect you will be severely punished.But it is a month not a few years which will be the case should you refuse" "Can I have time to consider this?" Kurt glanced at his expensive wristwatch."You have twenty four hours.Either you return here at six pm tomorrow or I hand all this over to the police,you don't need to bring anything with you".

  My mind was in a maelstrom as I drove home. I suppose had it been a female boss it would not have been so hard a decision,but a man!I was straight but when I thought about it I supposed that this really was the punishment and the more I thought about it a month seemed so much better than the three or four years I would probably have to serve,albeit most likely in an open prison.So just before six on the following evening I arrived at Kurt de Jong's house and rang the bell.After a minute or so I saw a dark shape appear in the hallway and the door was thrown open.What I now saw before me took my breath away. Kurt was dressed from head to toe in what was obviously a very expensive and professionally tailored black leather outfit.His heavily muscled legs were encased in the  most exquisitely riding jodphurs cut from the finest leatherThey were skin tight but characteristically flared at the hips in the classic style.I could not fail to notice the bulge of his penis that lay from the right of his crotch,pointing down diagonally onto the top of his thigh.Below the knees,and reaching right onto them he wore a pair of gleaming black leather riding boots with criss crossed lacings all the way up from the instep and tied on the knees with neat bows of the black leather laces.At the crotch the  bulge once more drew my eyes and I guessed that his cock was semi erect already,I imagined that when it was fully erect it was going to be about eight inches in length and quite substantial in girth,Kurt was certainly well endowed.Around his waist he wore a wide saddle leather belt with triple brass buckles .A body hugging matching leather  shirt and gloves completed the outfit  he wore together  with an SS style leather peaked cap on his head.He held a leather riding crop loosely in his glove right hand which he flicked casually but ominously against his right thigh.

   What happened next was completely unexpected,although knowing what I do now it was clearly all part of a planned process to shock me and to bring about my complete submission.Kurt de Jong strode quickly and purposefully forward and grabbed me by the neck.Before I could react,or even protest he had put me into an armlock and forced me to the floor in the hallway.I am six feet tall and quite fit and strong but he straddled my body with his full body weight and overpowered me with ease.He unhooked a length of white rope that hung from his belt and quickly and efficiently bound my wrists tightly behind my back.I now knew that any thought of changing my mind was hopeless,it was going to be a long,tough month ahead.Kurt had now drawn a dagger and proceeded to skilfully cut all my clothes off me.The gleaming steel blade touched my body several times but he sliced the fabric deftly and I was not cut at all.Within a couple of minutes I stood naked  before my captor with my wrists tightly bound behind my back,looking quite pathetic I imagined,in the hallway.
  Kurt took a heavy,wide black leather collar from a table which he deftly buckled about my neck and clipped on a leash before leading me  like a dog towards his dungeon.I was dragged down the steps,struggling to maintain my footing,and thrown roughly onto my knees in the centre of the cold,stone flagged floor.He looked massive from where I knelt,and of course he was six and a half feet tall in boots and cap.The bulge in his jeans now seemed even bigger and I guessed he had very much got off on the act of overpowering me and cutting off my clothes.
     My fear was palpable as I looked up at the towering leather clad figure and then suddenly,with a shock I realised that I too had the beginnings of an erection.I was embarassed because I wasn't gay but somehow what had happened had possessed some kind of sexual charge that was translating in a totally involuntary way into a firming of my cock between my legs.The hope that Kurt wouldn't realise was soon shattered  as he jerked me to my feet with the leash and my cock sprang out before me.Kurt laughed aloud when he saw it and I was soon dragged over to where a pair of heavy timber pillars extended vertically from the floor to the ceiling,where they were bolted to the crossbeams.Kurt strapped leather cuffs around my ankles and I was soon standing between them.He anchored  my legs  with ropes to steel ringbolts set into the base of each upright post.He now untied my wrists and fitted a leather cuff to each before roping these to steel rings towards the top of the posts so that I was spreadeagled on my toes.I was barely able to reach and as he tightened the ropes I soon became totally unable to move as much as a centimetre from the position he had put me in,such was the effectiveness of this carefully calculated bondage.
    He stood before me now  completely triumphant.The dungeon was only dimly lit by hooded downlighters set into the walls but they cast enough light onto the massive figure for me to see the cruelty in his cold blue eyes as well as his magnificent leather clad body as he contemplated with obvious satisfaction his now helpless prey.He was like a spider who had coccooned a fly in it's web and was now ready for the final denoument.He moved forward and stood close to me,my eyes  at the level of his stubbled chin.I awaited the first blow of the vicious looking crop but it didn't come.I smelt the pungent aroma of leather as his gloved hand encircled my neck with a gentle but firm grip.Without warning his face moved closer to mine and our lips touched.My first reaction was to try to pull away,but mindful of my situation and the fact that I had agreed to anything he wished to do I did not.A moment later I felt his tongue touch my own.My surrender was inevitable and I parted my lips and allowed him to kiss me.The kiss became deeper and more intimate as his strong tongue explored  my mouth.I was aware of a full erection now,my cock standing out horizontally between my legs and his other gloved hand held my hard shaft firmly as he stroked me to a still higher level of  excitement as we kissed.As a straight man I hated to admit it,but really I had to,this totally unlooked for assault was turning into one of the most erotic experiences of my life and I felt myself crumbling before the power of this black leather clad God who now had me totally under his control physically,and I guessed was well on the way to conquering me mentally also.
   His kiss seemed to last for an eternity and was both aggressive and insistent in the way that no female kiss had ever been.His gloved hand moved from my neck and took me by the hair.He grabbed it into a bunch,holding me painfully in exactly the position he demanded.I didn't struggle.Partly because I didn't want to and  partly because being bound spreadeagled between the uprights there was nothing I could do anyway.I knew that my helplessness was driving him on and I realised it was doing it for me also.Looking back on it I was falling under The Master's spell,something from which I would never recover.
   Eventually the kiss ended and he drew away from me,his boots reverberated on the cold stone floor as he moved across to a  table by the wall rack.When he returned I could see that he had something in his hand.I realised that it was a small pair of scissors and he began to clip away at my pubic hair,it fell in clumps to the floor.Then he returned with a razor and a can of foam.I felt the cool of the foam at my crotch and  shaving  continued until I guessed that I was completely smooth down there.He went back to the table and came back with something in his hand.I cast my eyes downwards and saw the  stainless steel device which he slid over the shaft of my still semi erect cock.I felt him buckle the leather strap around my waist and another went under my crotch and fixed to it.I realised that my cock was effectively contained inside a tube that restricted it to something less than a full erection."You won't be having an orgasm for at least a month" Kurt announced. "This will allow you to pee but apart from that nothing else.I think before the month is out you will be begging me to allow you to cum".Nothing could underline the symbolic control of one man by another than locking his genitals into what was in reality a male chastity belt,he locked the device and slipped the key into the back pocket of those superb leather jodphurs.I hung in the ropes and watched Kurt carefully as he moved about the dungeon.I was still pretty sure that I wasn't gay but nevertheless there was something about the way that he looked as he moved and the  reflection of the light on his black leather as he walked that served to harden me up inside the cock restraint.His magnificent body just oozed power and control and I knew that I was to be little more than a living sex toy who would be  serving him in whatever way he required before very long.For the very first time as I watch the reflection of the light flicker on the shafts of his expensive hand made leather boots I began to wonder if I might even end up  as a willing slave to Kurt De Jong.The prospect of my servitude that only twenty four hours previously had filled me with trepidation was beginning to mellow.
    Then the world suddenly went dark.I realised that Kurt had moved behind me and the next moment a mask had been pulled across my face.I felt and smelled the wonderfully pungent aroma of the soft leather that comprised the face mask as he buckled it into place.It covered the top half of my face from the bridge of my nose upwards.The leather over the eyes was fitted with softer, padded areas that served to fit closely and excluded even the slightest vestige of light from penetrating.My world was thrown into a pitch black void.My lips were forced apart and I tasted the distinctive and vaguely unpleasant tang of rubber on my tongue as a gag now intruded into my mouth.I felt leather straps being tightened and buclkes drawn up tight over the top of my skull and behind my neck.Then the flat rubber bulb that lay on top of my tongue began to take three dimensional form as Kurt pumped air into it.It grew bigger and bigger and I felt my cheeks start to swell as they accomodated the growing rubber sphere.Eventually,at the point where my breathing became laboured due to it's size it stopped growing.In my mind's eye I saw my body,hanging suspended between the two timber pillars.I realised how it must look to Kurt as hooded,collared and gagged I stretched myself painfully up onto my tiptoes to allow for the cruelly tight ropes that held me.My genitals were tightly locked into a steel and leather device that had been designed with the express purpose of torturing me for his enjoyment as well as denying me the satisfaction of orgasm.I fully comprehended  that power exchange could not be much more total than this.This strange new dark,silent world enveloped me and my disorientation grew.I had no understanding  of the passing of time after the first few minutes and of course no idea of when I would be released.I had heard the soles of those wonderfully erotic looking leather boots as they disappeared up the stone steps that led from the dungeon to the house above but as to how long had elapsed since that event I really had  not the slightest clue.Time passed slowly.My leg muscles tasked with supporting my body weight began to ache and then gave out.As they did so my weight transferred to my arms and those muscles took over the job.I tried to take the weight again on my legs but they seemed to have turned to jelly.I crumbled and sobbed silently into the gag,the level of pain ratcheting up with every passing minute.As I did so I felt the occasional tear try to escape and track down my cheek beneath the leather mask but these became entrapped by the padded eye covers and absorbed by the material,even this small piece of solace was to be denied to me.As my mind wandered I understood his motivation for what he was doing to me.Kurt was a sophisticated sadist who had thought this all carefully through.I shuddered as I contemplated where this particular road would end up.The level of pain increased as my leg muscles went into spasm and cramped but my desperate cries were confined to my throat by the rubber gag that filled my mouth.Each spasm caused me to twist in desperation  but I knew that due to the tautness of the ropes this translated into nothing but a slight movement, my tortured body rocking uselessly and almost imperceptibly between the heavy uprights of carved oak.
   I knew that even had there been anybody there with me to see these small effects of my protest nothing I could do could have any influence on the torture,let alone do anything to relieve the pain. Only much  later would I discover that a CCTV system was relaying every movement and  every attempted plea through the cruelly effective rubber gag to a screen upstairs in the house where Kurt De Jong sipped a chilled glass of wine as he savoured  the effects that his bondage was having on me.After a while my mind went blank and I entered a trance like state,the result of endorphins released by the brain to deal with the pain.Later I would have absolutely no recall of the length of time I had been left bound between the pillars.
    Something registered in my brain.It was difficult to decide exactly what it was such was my state of disorientation.Then I was falling to the floor and I realised that I had been lowered from the position between the  beams.I tried to move but my numb limbs failed to respond.Then the mask and gag were removed and I was aware of his boots moving within my line of sight as I lay on the stone floor.Slowly the feeling returned to my limbs and I forced myself up onto my elbows.The sound of the boots had stopped and for a moment I thought that I was alone again.Then I managed to sit up and I realised that Kurt De Jong was sitting at the far end of the dungeon in a large chair made of carved oak.
   He still wore the magnificent black leather riding boots but the jodphurs had been replaced by a pair of black leather chaps and a matching thong with a front zipper."Crawl to your Master slave" The command was issued in a strong voice with his  usual clipped Dutch accent.His riding crop lay across his thighs and I began to slowly crawl towards him.As I got closer he stood and reached forward with something in his hand.I felt the cold steel of a pair of handcuffs click into place around my wrists,pinioning my arms behind me.He returned to the heavy throne like chair and made himself comfortable before his gloved fingers slid down the zipper on the leather thong.His massive,fully rampant cock appeared.It was as I had guessed a full eight inches in length.But it's length was only the beginning.The impressive domed head projected out above the veined shaft,encircled by a firm,raised ridge.His head was already glistened from the copious pre cum that ran from his open slit at the tip."Lick your Master's cock slave!" He held the shaft firmly between leather gloved fingers,angling it towards me.It was huge and ribbed with thick dark purple veins.As I got closer he took hold of the leash that was still clipped to my collar and tugged me towards him.I moved forward and bent my mouth down towards his cock head.My tongue made contact with the tip of his cock and I tasted the pre cum."Take it all slave". I had no idea what to expect and was vaguely surprised that the pre cum had a slight sweetish tang to it that was not at all unpleasant.
  Obediently,and still fully aware that he maintained the wicked looking black leather riding crop to hand I opened my mouth wider and took the whole of his cock head into my mouth.The leash tugged insistently drawing me onto his shaft that was now completely rampant and had a rigidity that could not have been  more had it been carved from a block of stone.I realised that my submission was responsible for his state of high arousal and I had no illusions about just how  Kurt de Jong's sadistic inclinations might unfold over the month ahead but for now I concentrated on the task before me,which I assumed would be to bring him to orgasm with my mouth.Having never sucked cock before I had not realised just how the insertion of such a foreign object into my throat would feel and I was not prepared for the choking sensation  that it brought on.My eyes began to water but my choking only served to add yet more stimulation for him,partly because of the physical stimulation that the vibration of my throat brought about and partly because he was turned on by my abject submission to him. It seemed as if his cock shaft had swollen yet more if that were possible.Kurt once again took hold of me by the hair and began to set up a rhythm pulling me first onto his cock,then releasing his grip slightly and allowing me to withdraw.Not fully though,even at the furthest point of the stroke his cock head was still in the back of my mouth by the throat entrance and then I felt the firm,insistent pull once more as he drew me onto him and the rampant cock reamed deep inside me,feeling as if it reached halfway to my belly.He began to sigh louder now as the stimulation moved him closer towards the inevitable orgasm.I was suffering from  the lack of oxygen as  my airways  were effectively cut off for most of the time.Kurt allowed me a few brief gulps of air but then pulled me firmly back onto him as his sighs turned to loud groans that were unmistakably ones of pleasure.
     I lost count of the number of times I felt myself penetrated by his rock hard meat as his groans now escalated to full throated screams that echoed around the dungeon walls.It was clear that he was seconds away from a spectacular orgasm.Suddenly I felt the first shot of spunk as it was ejected from his cock at full force.Kurt was at the  extent of his stroke,his shaft buried inside me to the hilt and as he ejaculated he withdrew spilling his hot,thick creamy semen into my mouth.I tasted it on my tongue,unlike anything else I had ever tasted ,a pungent saltiness that contained the very essence of his maleness.I guessed that I was meant to swallow and I did so without hesitation,unheeding of the fact that my subservience in taking another man's spunk was in fact part of the process of control.
  Kurt withdrew,his cock still semi erect and still spilling his juices as he did so.A substantial blob of semen splashed onto his right boot on the instep just below the lace panel.He picked up his riding crop and pointed to the little white puddle,set like an island on the gleaming black leather ."Lick!" The word defied me to disobey and I bowed my head and extended my tongue to take the spunk from his boot "Yes,Master" I said without thinking before scooping it up with my tongue and instantly swallowing it."Good boi,I think you are learning" Those words were the first sign that my  performance had satisfied my master.Sitting back on my haunches I realised for the first time that my own cock was straining against the confines of the stainless steel tube that Master Kurt had locked onto me.

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