Sunday, 15 January 2012

My Turn

He stood in the centre of the room, the cellar room. Concrete floor, concrete walls, dim lighting. All there to enforce the feeling of capture and submission. We both knew he could end it as quickly as he wanted to by giving the one sign we had agreed on, as long as I wanted to notice or hear it that is. But this was his choice as much as mine, him being here I mean. Did he realise what he'd got into. I doubt it.
Quite slight of build, about my height, no more than five nine, loose sweatshirt over jeans, trainers. Said he wanted to experience some bondage and perhaps some cp. Well, he'd come to the right man.
He stood silently. We'd agreed some basics. No talking unless instructed, eyes down at all times also unless instructed. I walked round him, about a 3 foot radius from him. I wore my full black leathers and made sure he saw and heard my boots. I also made sure he saw the horse whip as I tapped it against my right calf where the top of the boot was buckled tightly to my leg. I raised the whip and drew a line round his chest, over his arms and round his back, I drew it up his neck then down to his waist, slowly and purposely following his belt round to his buckle then down the front of his crotch. His cock jerked, almost unseen but I noticed.
After this slow and methodical inspection I suddenly changed the atmosphere. I shouted at him "Strip, quick, get those shoes off now. Move! Now! Now!" smacking first his legs then his arse with the crop. I kept shouting the words and whipping any part of him I could easily reach at the time as he struggled and heaved at his clothes. Breathless he finally flung the last of them to one side where I kicked them out of reach. That's what I wanted. He was now unsure, naked, shivering slightly, wondering.
I circled him again. This time the crop never left his skin as I drew it over various parts of him always making sure it had contact with his balls, his arse crack, his tits or cock. I tapped each one of them, variously hard or not quite so hard gaining either throaty noises or a short vocal yell, depending.
I felt I wanted to fuck him there and then, grab his shoulders from behind, push into him, hear leather against skin, the slick noise of precum against his arse as my cock pushed hard into that crack, him squealing, protesting then grunting in time with my piston action, my hand finding his hardening cock and coaxing it to full erection. But there was plenty of time for that, plenty of time to savour the thought. I know he'd not mentioned fucking but, well, when he's tied, immobile and gagged he'd not need too much persuasion. I'd get him to beg for it before I was finished.
Now down to business. Leather wrist restraints, heavy ones with two buckles each and a padlock over them. Once on they stayed there. I could see his eyes focus on them, felt the twinge of fear, or was it just expectation. Then two more, ankles this time. All done in quick succession. Now he was ready - ish. Still needed to be made immobile. Arms up was the instruction. I backed him until he was under the solid metal girder at least three feet out of his grasp and loosened the chain that lowered the heavy weight carabiners to where I could attach them to his wrists. Once on I stretched him until he was on his toes. That's about the time the fun really starts. I know the legs are still free and he could, at a stretch, kick out but it wasn't in his game plan. He was already submissive enough to accept whatever I was going to do, probably because he didn't know what I was going to do.

I stood in front of him and gently tapped his nipples. He scrunched up his face in a sort of "that tickles keep doing it" way so I stopped. Walking round behind him I drew back the crop and swung a powerful arc, hitting him an inch below his arse cheeks. Remembering from my own Master how painful this area was I wasn't surprised at the volume of his scream or the way he bucked, hanging by his wrists with his feet clear of the ground. The top of his legs now showed a raised scarlet line. I was a decent shot if nothing else. I  thought "just one more for luck" and aimed at exactly the same spot. This time I missed by a millimetre or two but the fact that it raised two minute spots of blood and was accompanied by a howling scream that lasted several seconds longer than the first made the inside of my crotch both warmer and wetter than it had been.
He gasped and pleaded for me to stop, "some hopes there boi" I thought. He had wet eyes that accentuated his long brown lashes, not exactly crying but tears all the same. And only two strikes so far. Again I ran the crop over him making soothing noises and again I played with his nipples. He came down to earth and began to breath softly once more. I noticed his cock was still semi erect as it had been as I had chained him up, so, my work wasn't unappreciated altogether.

Holding his cock with one hand, gently teasing it, I leant forward and kissed him. He was obviously not expecting this but immediately opened his mouth and accepted my tongue whilst pushing his back into me. His cock hardened in my palm and I felt the moisture gradually pool between my fingers.
Pulling away I took one ankle at a time and laced rope through the rings on the restraints, pulling each one through a sturdy ring set in the concrete floor far enough apart to dislocate both his legs if I wanted to and certainly enabling me to place him in a tight spread eagle. Isn't it warming inside to see those balls so unprotected and that rigid cock bouncing about above them. The pain I could inflict there without touching the rest of him if I wanted to was too much to think about.

I strode over to where I kept the toys and picked up a decent ball gag. It was black rubber, not too hard,  which gave slightly when you bit into it. I had been forced to wear this many times during a whipping and knew that being able to bite down, the tiniest amount, helped you to cope with the pain. I rubbed his lips with it and gradually pushed it into his now willing mouth. Once in I pulled the leather straps and the ball locked behind his teeth. Back to the toy store. This time I picked up a bull whip, short, only three feet on total, but quite heavy. I stood in front of him and played the plaited leather tail through my hands. I took a couple of steps towards him, looped the whip around his neck and pulled it so it slid in an arc and dropped down his chest. It was certainly more fear than expectation in his eyes now and I think the noises trying to pass the gag
were linked to this fear.
I stepped away, drew back the whip and swung it, reasonably gently, so that it encircled his waist with a satisfying smack. Yes, there was a yell and his body  reacted with a quick movement, but it wasn't more than I would have expected from a novice. For the next five minutes or so I continued to walk round him swinging the whip and striking him on various parts of his body, pulling the length of leather back through my hands each time and giving him chance to yell - or scream as they got harder -before the next lash emblazoned his pale white skin. I looked into his eyes each time. Sometimes we locked, most of the time his were shut. Once I had ensured that his back, chest and upper legs had a roughly equal amount of gorgeous crimson lines on them I stopped. He hung, panting, dribbling, his cock limp and his skin sweaty. Dropping the whip I ran my fingers over some of the lines on his chest as I spoke softly to him, reassuring him that it was time for some pleasure. I nuzzled his neck and alternately gently wanked him and played with his tits. Hie erection took a bit of time but once he had recovered I had a decent seven inches of hard flesh in my hands that throbbed in time with my hand movements.
"Think you can take a bit more?" was the question I asked. He very quickly nodded. My hand felt round his waist and over his rather striated backside until I played with the crack between his cheeks. With one finger I teased his hole always judging his reaction by the way his cock jumped which I held in my other hand. I wanted so badly to fuck this boi. My cock was hot and wet, I could feel my precum lubing the leather below my waist but something held me back. The last thing I wanted was for this to be our one and only meeting. I stepped round behind him. I unzipped and let my own cock rest on his crack while I continued to gently wank him. He relaxed totally now, almost, but not quite, hanging by the wrists as he swung ever so slightly back and forth allowing his movement to rub me in time with my hand on him. Only minutes later he yelled a guttural scream and pumped his spunk over my hand, down my wrists and over the floor. This in turn made me stiffen and cum, pushing my load over his back and the front of my leathers. I hung on to his shoulders for a few moments before releasing my grasp and wiping the excess spunk off my crotch onto his chest. His own spunk I wiped onto his face where he no choice but to feel it slip behind the gag.
Before I undid his bondage I wiped a warm flannel over him then used a large towel to dry anything that needed it. He needed some support as his arms were lowered and he sat on the floor as I unlaced his ankles. I gave him back his clothes and asked him how his first experience felt. Before he took his clothes from me he simply stood, put his arms round me and kissed me. No words were spoken as he dressed. As he left he said "Thankyou Sir, I would be thrilled if you could spare the time to see me again".

I think I may very well find the time.            

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