Saturday, 7 January 2012

That Fireblade.

    He thought that by agreeing to him keeping the Fireblade and being allowed a weekly ride I was being kind and considerate. Well I suppose in view of the fact that I regularly thrash him soundly he was entitled to expect a little leeway.But it is only in part kindness that motivates me.As well as the fact that I knew he loved the blood red Honda there was the additional motivation that every time I watched him dress for his ride I got that wonderful feeling between my legs.
     As the neat,firmly muscled body became encased in the tight black leather racing suit I felt my erection grow.The act of putting on the,gloves and helmet wrought a remarkable change in his identity,.He went from the slaveboi who served me,either naked or at most in boots and shorts to a rather different character,somehow less vulnerable,more aggressive looking.I heard the subdued hum of the engine as it burst into life and watched as he surged away down the drive.I knew that his riding style was what I regarded as rather too fast.Although I hadn't seen him personally I had watched the rows of black leather clad riders out on their sunday jaunts as they wheeled in and out of the families in their cars in that daredevil manner.
     He had been warned of course,and freely admitted that there had been close shaves.I could easily imagine him spinning through the air before the sickening crunch of breaking bones and tearing joints as he made contact with the tarmac,or worse.But that was his way.Something in his psyche forced him to take risks,in exactly the same way as he had on that first day we had met.
  It takes a certain type of person to allow another man to  tie his arms behind his back in the silent privacy of that stranger's house.Naked and secured on the floor before him the vulnerability would be off the scale.The stranger fits an effective gag and the job is complete.Whatever indignities or punishments he now decides to inflict can only be borne with stoicism and hope.The power exchange is complete and the bound man is as helpless as if he was sailing through the air having been thrown from his speeding mount.It's in his personality and,although I have the ability to control him in every other part of his life once he  takes off down that drive he is on his own.
   I question him of course on his return.And if he has taken risks he can expect to be punished by his Master for that.Of course I know that it won't prevent him doing it.

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