Saturday, 7 April 2012

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The cellar dungeon was  completely dark, I mean no light at all. I couldn't tell if my eyes were open or closed except for the feeling of my eye lids. That helped, or rather insisted, that I concentrate on my pain and the reasons for it. My limbs were stretched tight to a point where every breath I took only half filled my lungs without me making an extra laboured effort. That made muscles ache and eventually cramp but was nothing compared to the relentless, deep seated ache from my balls. The cord pulling them made that particular torture very effective, biting into my soft skin whilst giving absolutely no relief from the gnawing feeling that started in my groin and worked its way through my gut to finally reach my throat. It felt like Sir had his boot in my stomach and continued to grind it round my bowels.
I had no options of course, I had to put up with it. Thoughts flashed through my mind as to why and all returned to the day before. It must have been James dropping me in it, or maybe lying and making it worse than it was making Sir think I was a complete let down.
Time passed. I don't know how long it was before the cellar door swung open and surprised me with a shaft of bright light across my face. The lights were turned up and Sir stood between my legs looking as magnificent as ever in black leather, from his boots to his shoulders, and from where I was looking about 10 feet tall.
"We need a bit of a chat" he said pulling up a chair and sitting down. He swung both legs across me and rested his heels on my stomach.
"Did you think James was too hard on you, I mean, compared with me say?"
That caught me unawares and I didn't quite know what to say at first, sounded like I could put my foot right in it if I wasn't careful. "He was pretty brutal" I answered.
"Don't you think I am then?"
Shit, that was a no brainer. Yes Sir could mean I had no excuse to act the way I did, No Sir could mean he upped the anti. "I take it from you because you are you Sir," was what came out.
"So, you consider me a reasonable Master?"
"I consider myself very fortunate to serve you Sir."
"Ah, so you don't think of questioning my orders then?"
"Sorry Sir. I know I should obey you, without question. I know you think I've been and let you down with your friend. I understand now that that's what happened although at the time...."
"At the time" he cut in, "At the time you didn't think at all."
I kept silent.
"Perhaps our relationship needs a bit of a change. I have been thinking for a while now that we're getting into a rut. Time to shake the feathers a bit."
The dull ache in my gut turned to a fist with fingers reaching out and grabbing the contents.
"Funnily enough I ran into James again this afternoon in town. Not seen him for a while and then twice in two days. He was actually taken with you, you know. Thought it was great fun having something to fight with rather than simply crawl at his feet. Made me an offer."
Not another bloody weekend swap I thought. Why doesn't he just get his own slave if he wants one. I'm happy here.
"Yes, he's got a small piece of field the other side of that new estate which he used to rent out to the old riding stables before they moved. Thought about offering it to me which I thought was nice of him. Not free, of course, no, he'll do a swap for you."
The fist clenched. I felt hot bile rise in my throat. My mouth opened but nothing came out.
"Told him I'd think about it, but he insisted on an answer. Think he's going to sell it to that builder otherwise.  So I gave him a date."
My head swam. The sick feeling I had doubled.
"We just agreed that you were my slave and you'd do whatever I thought best. So that's sorted."  He moved his feet off me, strode round to my head and untied my arms.
"You can do the rest. When you're free go and shower, loosen up a bit then come to my room."
My throat was too dry to answer. I stared at the flagstones between my legs as he walked away.
That was the loneliest moment of my life. In the few moments that had passed I had contemplated suicide, running away, arguing, pleading. All I did was to relieve the ache on my balls, untie my ankles and slowly stand up. I wanted to die.
The shower was slow. I had no energy, no will to do more than slosh the soap around and half dry myself. There were still drips on my thighs when I knocked on his door. No answer generally meant wait but I didn't. I opened it, walked in and stood with my hands behind my back next to the bed. He was still having his shower in the en suite, so I simply waited, looking at the carpet and thinking nothing in particular apart from a general feeling of disbelief.
About 5 minutes later he emerged and let me finish his drying routine by which time my cock had grown to half mast despite my inner feelings. Then he hopped into the wide and extremely comfortable bed. "Might as well make the most of our time together, jump in."
I did as I was told though my face must have been a picture of abject misery. "And don't sulk boi, that'll only get you the cavalry whip." Once in bed I snuggled up close.
"Didn't you have a towel? Come here." he pulled me closer and I felt his hands rub me over my back and round my chest. I put my arms round him. Soon I had his right nipple in my mouth and gently coaxed it to the hard nub I knew excited him. He gently pushed my head down the bed until, in the dim light of under the duvet, I saw his huge cock, stiff and upright, the veins at each side standing out and pushing the shiny bell end towards my mouth. I clamped my lips around it and played the head with my tongue, tasting the precum drops as they oozed from the slit that would soon, no doubt, be pumping copious amounts of thick creamy cum into me. Do it right, he'll change his mind, I thought.
"Turn over boi, I'm in the mood for a fuck. Use the lube on the bedside table."
I squeezed a small amount of gel onto my fingers and wiped them around and into my arsehole. I then lay on my stomach as Sir straddled me. I had to squeal as his thick cock entered me, its size always made me do that however many times it happened. The next minutes passed in a blur of my face in the pillow, deep breathing, ecstasy and the feeling of warmth. He gave a grunt then yelled as he came. I felt the shuddering pulse of his cock as it pumped its hot liquid and his hands tightened round my hips. Then he relaxed.
Breathing heavily he rested his body on mine, his mouth next to my ear. "Always as good as the first time," he said. "By the way, did you want to know the date I fixed with James?"
The ecstasy turned into a cold shiver.
"I told him in about fifty years," he said with a quiet laugh.
I felt my pillow dampen as my tears flowed in silent gratitude.
"Mind you, he did mention something about a fun weekend next month."
My brain filtered this out at the time.

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