Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Beginnings II

  We went back a long way.Well at least as seventeen year olds that's the way it felt.I hadn't really noticed him in the early years but when we had sat together on a school trip it had grown from there.Our first experience of sex had come a couple of years later.We had been on the beach together during the Easter holiday and  we failed to notice the gathering clouds until a heavy,squally shower had blown up,seemingly from nowhere.We ran through the cloying shingle to a fishing boat that was drawn up on the steeply sloping beach.It was covered with a green tarpaulin,offering us an ideal haven from the driving rain.
    Underneath the tarpaulin it was a bit dark and kind of cosy,intimate even,not that as thirteen year olds we really had any concept of what intimacy was.But with the rain battering down a foot above our heads we had talked of sex."Have you done it yet?" I asked Jake.He had misunderstood me at first,thinking that I meant with a girl but I quickly explained that I had only groped Angela,the pretty little blonde in our class at school, running my hands over her nascent tits and feeling the strange wetness between her legs as I had stroked her pussy until she had cried out in what I had,in my youthful ignorance,mistaken at first for pain.
  "No" I continued "I mean wanked until you cum". Jake's blank look told me all I needed to know."You know you get stiff some times?" He looked at me as if he was confused "You mean like after the cross country?" I sighed as I slid down the zipper of my jeans and took out my cock."Oh that" he said "Yes usually first thing in the morning when I wake up" I thought to myself "Have you got an experience coming to you?" I stroked my cock a few times and it grew inexorably in my hand.I loved the way the erection transformed it from a soft,squidgy piece of flesh,useful only for pissing through into a thing of beauty and pleasure as it hardened beneath my touch and the little bead of crystal clear liquid formed in the slit at the tip.
  "Try it,it feels good" Jake hesitantly took his cock out.It was smaller and thinner than mine but still quite respectable and I felt my own harden a bit more as I looked at his.The idea of being gay didn't even cross my mind this was just what boys did.I continued to coax it with long,slow strokes until I felt the now familiar tightness in my balls and I knew that the end was close.I closed my eyes as the intensity grew and stroked faster,harder.
   I had knelt up on my haunches with my cock pointing towards the shingle.Suddenly it was upon me as with a little cry the furious little milky jet shot from my slit,splashing onto the damp stones.When I opened my eyes Jake too was kneeling up facing towards me and clearly getting close himself as his hand moved back and forth in a frenzy of pleasure.I watched his face as it contorted until he too shot his load with an endearing little cry.That was the very first time that I wanted to kiss him.I fancied Angela and over the ensuing years I would fuck her in a variety of ways and places,often with an intensity and sophistication that belied our years.But it would not be until more than another four years had passed until the opportunity presented itself to take him in my arms and kiss him in the way that, looking back now,I knew that we both had always wanted.

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