Wednesday, 4 April 2012


The two seventeen year olds sat looking across the kitchen at each other, both hot and sweaty from an afternoon in the forest on the dirt bike they shared. Rob was 5 months older than Jake and sat on the worktop looking at his friend rocking back on a chair.
"Just don't let it worry you, get over it" he said.
"It's ok for you," Jake answered, "Girls follow you around like sheep" and some boys too he thought. "I don't get that sort of attention."
"Well it doesn't matter to me,"Rob went on. "You're either gay or straight or maybe a bit of both. I don't care what they call you. We're friends, right?"
Jake stared at his best mate. Rob was bigger, generally what you'd call more masculine than he was. But they had been friends for as long as they could remember and it didn't seem to be a problem that Jake was the butt of jokes around some parts of the school.
"But I've never, you know, never had...."
"Sex. Is that all? So what? Nothing wrong with that. It's up to you when and who with. I seem to remember we used to have those races not that long ago, who could cum first." He laughed out loud.
"Yeah, and I always lost! That makes me feel a whole lot better," Jake looked down.
"Look," Rob went on more seriously, "If you feel that bad about it why don't you try it?"
"I don't know anyone who'd look my way," Jake answered.
"I know a few girls who have mentioned you" and a few boys too he thought. "You just don't know till you give it a chance."
"But what if I really am gay," Jake muttered, and wondered to himself about what that would mean.
"What if I am," Rob answered.
"You? Fuck off" Jake said. "Stop trying to make me feel better."
"Bit of confidence is what you need my son," said Rob jumping down from the counter. He bent down and looked straight into Jakes face. "You kissed anyone?"
Jake just blushed.
Rob stayed where he was. Jake found he was staring at Robs crotch, his denims were tight over the bulge which was his cock. He continued to gaze at it. Rob put his hand under Jakes chin and pulled his face up.
"I said have you kissed anyone?" he repeated.
Jake pushed Rob's hand away from him but found the stronger boy held him tight.
"Don't start Rob. You know I get embarrassed."
"Try this then." As he spoke Rob leaned forward and kissed his mate fully on the mouth. Jake made an attempt to pull away, the noise he made in opposition to this assault immediately was drowned out as Rob smothered it with his tongue.
Jake's head swam. All he could feel was his mouth, his tongue, his lips. His body felt like it was hanging over a deep pit, there was no bottom to it but he wasn't falling, yet, simply hanging in mid air.
Pulling away Rob smiled. "There, you've kissed someone now."
Jake was breathless, he sat quite still and had no thoughts, or at least none that made any sense. He stared at the floor.
"Well, say something," Rob whispered. "Was it that bad?"
Jake raised his eyes. "I, I'm not, ...
"Sure?" said Rob. "I think bits of you are though. You didn't have that lump in your jeans a minute ago."
"Jesus Rob, what've you done?
"Just accept it a bit more," he answered, " I told you, it doesn't matter to me what you are. Does it worry you to know I can kiss a guy?"
"But, you're, Oh shit, Rob, I don't know anything anymore."
"But, you enjoyed it, didn't you. Just go with it. I'd better be off now, see you tomorrow."
"Yeah, see you" Jake answered quietly. His head was still too full of Rob's smell, his feel and the sensation of pleasure he felt to think straight.

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