Saturday, 17 March 2012

Borrowed Ch 4

I found a bucket with some cloths under the sink and began to clear the puddles on the floor. As I did it I began to get more and more angry. I was hurting, inside and out. My face ached with the gag and I dribbled onto the floor that I'd just cleaned. That was it. I grabbed the buckle on the gag strap and pulled it open. Throwing the gag across the floor I got up. I'd not consented to this. I wasn't his slave. If I was going to get punished then I'd let Sir do it, not this sadistic leather yob who seemed to enjoy degradation rather than owning a slave for sexual pleasure. It wasn't ancient Egypt and I wasn't his property.
He soon came back into the room alerted by the noise of the manacles as I kicked the bucket over and started for the door.
"Oi, you fu..." was about all I heard. I felt the blow before I saw it coming, his fist catching me across the jaw. I fell sideways hitting the kitchen cupboards with my shoulder and remember seeing the room sway in front of me. "What the fuck you think you're at?" He followed that with some more punches to my shoulders and body as I curled myself into as small a ball as I could to protect my face from more punishment. Next thing I knew he'd got some rope, rough, heavy working rope, and was tying my arms together, finishing up by looping the ends round my neck so my hands ended up under my left ear.
"So, a slaveboi with some guts. Didn't do ya a lot of good but decent try anyway." He dragged me towards the door, opened it and pulled me into the garden. I was tripping over the chain round my ankles, half stumbling, half kneeling and twisting on the end of that painful rope which he was pulling. I spat blood from the cut on my lip, felt it ooze over my chin and saw it splatter drops onto my chest.
What was he doing? There was no shed this way, no garage. Just the edge of the forest. It was dusk and the light was fading fast, I remember feeling a chill and feeling the cold grass under me as we made our erratic way across a small field.
"Think you need cooling off slavemeat" he said as he reached up to an overhanging branch of a large tree at the edge of the field. He pulled the ends of the rope until I was hauled up onto tip toes, bent over to the right as the knot was under my left ear. I struggled to breathe, the rope tight round my neck. He grabbed my balls and held them tight. Pulling them down he smiled into my face from about an inch in front of me. "Piss poor attempt really wasn't it? Couldn't even make it to the door without my help". He twisted his hand, I gasped as the pain from my balls hit my stomach. "Do.. do..." I stammered.
"Do what you like? Was that what you were saying? he finished my sentence for me. "Thanks for your permission master but I don't think I need your advice." With that he gave me a final squeeze which made me scream then punched me in the stomach, silencing the only protest I could make.
He simply walked away. I yelled something but it didn't make much sound. I could taste salty blood, my face was wet with tears and I was trying to remain as upright as possible. I knew if my legs gave out I'd very nearly strangle myself. And I was cold. Cold from the now late evening and from the fear inside me. I not only had James to deal with but my Master would be here too before long. I wasn't sure what I'd done but it didn't feel good.

  When I arrived at James' house the car headlights swept across the field at the far end of the garden. Something caught my eye and I put them onto full beam.Then I realised that it was bladeboi.He was hanging from a length of rough rope that had been flung over one of the lower branches.I could see that he was struggling with the way he had been bound,standing on his tiptoes as he tried to relieve the pressure."You were right about him being a good mouth fuck" James said as he appeared at the back door."He's a spirited little thing isn't he? Maybe I could loan him again when I have a party".We crossed to where he hung,twisting in a vain attempt to relieve the pressure of the rope.James shone a powerful torch on him as I heard his pathetic cries carrying across the field.He looked pretty miserable as he shivered in the dark.I noticed the dark streaks of dried blood on his face and chest.It was obvious that James had given him a going over.Well it was more or less what I had expected given his reputation as a sadistic bastard.
  I decided that he had probably had enough for one night."Cut him down and put him in my car" I said.Naturally being James I knew that it wouldn't mean bladeboi getting a comfortable chauffeur driven ride home and sure enough when I went out to the car the boot lid was up and bladeboi lay face down on the carpet.He was trussed up with rope rather like a turkey ready for roasting.His arms were pulled up behind his back and roped from his wrists to above the elbows.It was a nice,neat job with each of the four bindings individually cinched with separate lengths of rope.His ankles were locked into a pair of leather cuffs connected by a steel spreader bar and the bar itself had been linked by another rope that was wrapped around his bound wrists.This had been tightened to such an extent that his back was arched.He wore a black leather hood and an inflatable gag prevented him from crying out. I had to admit that James had made a good job of it and I didn't envy him the next hour that it would take us to get home,riding like that in the boot was going to be no joyride.
  When we arrived I untied him,taking my time as I slowly untied the neatly knotted ropes.It gave me plenty of time to take in the variety of bruises that covered his body and I realised that perhaps he had a bit too easy a ride with me.I resolved to put him through his paces over the next couple of days.I sent him to take a bath and then to get a good sleep as I had planned a tough regime for him.
  As he served breakfast the following morning he looked good.The bruises were still there but  the black leather shorts that I had put out for him looked so fucking hot in the way that they fitted so closely to his finely muscled little body.My cock hardened between my legs as I ate,I had not had sex while he had been away and I desperately needed to take him,to mouth fuck him and hear his cries as he satisfied my urgent lust.I resisted the temptation and taking the black leather posture collar from the work top I carefully buckled it around his neck and adjusted it.I slipped on the slim leather leash and led him on his knees towards the dungeon.I wrapped the leash tightly around my gloved left fist and kept him close to my tight leather clad arse.I tugged him repeatedly as much as anything to demonstrate that no quarter would be given today,that he was in for a genuinely hard time.My cock swelled in anticipation of the torture that it was my intention to dish out.I had been strict with bladeboi in the past but James' treatment of him had been much harsher than I had ever been and I didn't want him to assume that I was a soft touch.We arrived at the foot of the dungeon steps and I paused briefly to strap his wrists behind his back.Using a double buckled leather cuff I secured them tightly together.

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