Thursday, 22 March 2012

Borrowed -conclusion

You know what it's like driving along when suddenly something, maybe just a paper bag, pops out in front of you. You see it, your brain acknowledges it's there but you can't do anything to stop or swerve, it all happens so fast. Well that's about the only way I can describe my reactions when Sir punched me in the face. I was kneeling in front of him, relaxed and expecting only to have him press my face into his crotch so that I could begin that ever so slow process of bringing him to a climax that would make him roar in pleasure as I swallowed his warm cum, sucking the last drops from his engorged cock.
Instead I felt a movement, subtle really, it was him bringing his arm up ready to strike me. I opened my eyes just in time to see that black leathered fist swinging round, aiming at my jaw. I saw it, I knew it was going to hurt but I did nothing. The reality was that there was precious little I could do as he held me by a leash but I made no attempt to move. The blow jarred my head. It hurt like hell; my mouth went hot, then numb, then stung and I once again tasted blood. As soon as I realised what he had done the next fist hit home under my eye. This felt like someone had rammed a block of wood into my face, it reverberated inside my skull. I could feel the echo of it singing round my brain like a high pitched whistle. The tension on my neck went slack and I fell onto the stone floor. I don't remember thinking anything in particular, it all happened too fast. But then his boot made contact. By this time I was frightened stiff. What had I done? Where would all this end? Was it simply the way I had let him down at James'. There was real purpose in those punches and now his kicks which he aimed at anywhere on my body. His hard soled shiny black boots hit home every time. He wanted to hurt me and he was achieving that purpose. I curled up, pulling at my arms which did no good at all, bringing my legs round to protect my belly, when he caught my balls with a solid full on swing. That made me want to die. The pain from a kick there is like nothing else. It travels up your spine into your throat, hot, hollow, achingly vomit making pain. Your gut is wrenched and you feel like someone has hit you inside your stomach and pushed that pain down your thighs. I collapsed inside. I wanted to melt into the ground. I had to know why all this was aimed at me. Slowly I managed to kneel in front of him. I thought a plea, a question, something. I looked at him standing in front of me. I lowered my head. About to speak. I saw him turn and pick up a rope. Not more bondage now, please. Then it became obvious this wasn't for bondage. My chest tightened, my breath quickened. It was a noose, a hangman's noose. Jesus Christ. What?
"Sir, ple.." was all I got out when he swung the back of his hand across my already bloody mouth. My head swam with the slap and before I knew it he had that noose round my neck. I couldn't see straight, everything went fuzzy. I felt myself pulled upwards. I tried to stand to keep up with it, the tension caught my throat. I started to panic. I gasped in air. I was standing on tip toe just to breathe now. But only just. I wrenched at my wrists, no good at all. There was no relief. I felt myself swinging in small arcs around the noose as it closed my throat in its grasp. My mouth was open and I heard a rasping that was me breathing. The room which was already dim was growing darker. I had no thoughts, nothing in my head made sense apart from trying to keep my balance on my toes. I passed from conscious to unconscious and back again. I sort of saw Sir walking round me. I tried to look at him, to look into his eyes. I was sure that they would be the last thing I saw.
Then I felt him, his hand was running round my cock which suddenly felt good, I couldn't understand it. Was I really hard, after all this. I knew it was said that hanging gave you an erection and eventually an orgasm. So, there it was. He was wanking me and I loved him for it. I swam in the pleasure I was suddenly feeling. The pain in my chest from trying to draw breath receded as the erotic feeling grew towards my need to cum. I swung in time with his hand action. I so needed him to continue. After a few minutes I fell into a dark bottomless pit, feeling the surge of my orgasm as it covered me in an envelope of warmth. I didn't feel anything else. I presume now that I passed out completely. When I opened my eyes it was the stone floor that was under my face. It was cold. I ached more than I imagined I could have. If I had any thought of Sir not  being as hard as nails when he wanted to be I was now thoroughly disabused of that idea. I closed my eyes.

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