Monday, 13 February 2012

Borrowed Ch.3

I took several minutes untying my balls as carefully as I could but still caught myself yelling as the rope and my numb fingers made a hash of the job. I crawled out of the van and landed unsteadily on the grass where it was parked. James was yards away and walking up a track that led to a red brick house standing by itself in a clearing by the edge of the woods we seemed to be in. He turned and called me to hurry. I did the best I could with pins and needles in all my limbs catching him up as he unlocked the side door. This led straight into a good sized kitchen which he pushed me through and into a hallway. Stairs on the left, door straight in front. He opened the door to what I expected to be a sitting room but I found myself looking at a completely black space. The walls were black, the ceiling was black, the floor boards were stained black. No window showed so I presumed it was boarded over. There were three hand rails running round the room at ankle, waist and ceiling height, fixed carefully to the wall by substantial brackets every few feet. He switched on a series of lights and the room glowed dimly everywhere with only certain parts being highlighted.
"Playroom boi, your playroom in fact, or pain room." He laughed at his own joke and ushered me further in. "It's nearly time for you to see to some food for me and whatever I let you have from what's left over. But first we need to get you ready. You'll be working away in the kitchen and I'll be watching you but I hate to see a decent body like yours going to waste. I like to see some signs that you have been enjoying yourself". He grabbed my wrists and cuffed them to the high rail. I had to keep on tiptoes to keep the thin metal from digging into my skin where he'd locked them tightly on me. He then did the same to my ankles on the lowest rail. "Ok boi, now to put some art work on you, give me something of interest to look at while you work."
I'd taken many beatings from my Master and I was used to his methods. He'd generally warm up with some lighter strokes, timing them so that each impact was felt fully before the next landed. It built up the pain in a way that the endorphins could work with, making it painful for one of us and both erotic and sexy for both of us. Even punishments were handled in a way that he got complete satisfaction from my agony. But James, well he was simply a complete sadist. He took what I thought was either a very bendy cane or a riding crop without the leather end and started to beat the shit out of me. I screamed at the first blow as it landed on the backs of my knees, the rest followed in very quick succession, only a second or two between each one. That bastard worked his way up my body to my shoulders and back down again, purposely aiming at the places where the skin had broken. I was hoarse in a very short time, gulping in air, thrashing in the cuffs which were now making my wrists bleed although the pain from them was overwhelmed by what I felt everywhere else. I could hear him yelling every few strokes with "Yeah" or laughing as I screamed for mercy. It was only about five minutes later that I hung panting and felt his sweaty body pressing up against mine his fingers drawing lines from under my arm pits to my waist. I was too beaten to struggle but couldn't hide the stupid giggle and the twitching I involuntarily made."Oh oh, ticklish are we?" he said into my ear. "Must remember that." He stuck his tongue into my ear and kept running his hands over my ribs. I felt exhausted but that feeling of his warm chest against my back and his tongue playing on my skin made me aware of my cock as it grew slightly. "Oh yes, we'll remember that."
He unlocked my ankles and then one wrist. I held onto the middle rail as he unlocked the other allowing both my arms to grab it as I recovered my balance. Moving away he kicked a length of chain over to where I stood. It had manacles on each end and he told me to lock them on my ankles. I found once snapped on there was no way of releasing them without the key. As the chain was about two feet long I could easily walk. "Kitchen." was all he said and pushed me towards the door. For the next hour or so that I worked away under his supervision he sat with several beers in one hand and slowly worked his crotch with the other. My back and legs burned. He simply grinned. When the meal was ready I took it over to him where he sat behind the kitchen table. "Kneel boi, under the table."
I got down on all fours and did as I was ordered. Under the table his cock was at full erection, wet and slimy with precum after he'd slowly wanked for the last hour or so. "Take it, no sucking, just play your tongue over it, if it comes out of your mouth I kick your balls."
I tasted the salty juice that oozed from the head and smelt his piss covered crotch. My tongue licked the length of the shaft, over and round playing with the piss slit. I drooled as the length of it was pushed further into my throat, his left hand behind my head as he ate with his right. He didn't seem to notice or care about the choking noises I made although he often let go and I was able to withdraw my face about half way. It felt like hours but it was only twenty minutes or so when he got up, pulling his cock away from me. I stayed where I was not knowing what else to do.
Moving his chair he grabbed my hair and pulled me forward. "Hungry boi?" He pushed his plate over the table to me. It had a few bits left on it. I used my finger to pick up the scraps none of which were in any way satisfying. "That's just the starter boi, man meat for the next course." He walked out of the room leaving me on my knees. When he returned he had a handful of things which he dropped onto the table. "Open your mouth wide boi" he said as he picked up a metal ring gag. Forcing it behind my teeth he strapped it tightly behind my neck. I could now only grunt and make other animal noises couple with which, my mouth being forced open so wide, I soon started to dribble down my chin. He grasped my wrists and pushed them behind and upwards. My body was forced forward and as I was still on my knees my face now faced the floor at knee level. His cock was hanging semi limp from his leathers. "Get me hard again boi, taste my juices and you might get some more nourishment." He allowed me to raise my face as far as his crotch and I once again licked and sucked at his fleshy organ. It soon rose, filling with his blood. I felt it pumping into it, growing thicker and longer with every pulse until it was back at a full, thick eight inches or so, enough to choke me anyway. I had no control over the depth he thrust it into me. The ring held me firmly open, my tongue could only resist so much and he swung his hips to and fro hitting the back of my throat with each swing. I gurgled and choked, retched, coughed up phlegm, snot ran from my nose and tears covered my cheeks but the piston continued. My knees buckled but I was kept in position by my arms being twisted and pulled up behind. I was simply an object to be fucked. Eventually he came. He yelled something and held himself as far inside me as he could as he gushed spunk down my throat pulling out half way so he could spread his cream over my face as well. He held my face up with one hand as he wanked the last drops onto me, finishing by wiping his hand over my mouth, nose and eyes. Breathless, he told me I was even better than my Master had told him and he'd make sure he got as much from our time together as he could. "But first..." Holding my hair again he pissed into my face. ".....clean this bloody mess up." He kneed me in the chest, pushing me over backwards and left. I was naked, wet with spunk and piss, my jaw felt like it had been punched hard and I felt like vomiting. I didn't dare release the gag. Exhausted I lay still for a few minutes. Slowly I got up, found some cloths under the sink and started to clean up.

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