Sunday, 18 March 2012

Borrowed 4 cont.

The night passed in a blur. Sir was gentle as he untied me when we finally got home. I could barely stand but I had a bath which he prepared for me and went straight to bed.
The morning came soon enough. It all came back to me.

I wanted to tell him. I wanted him to know that James didn't just untie me from that tree, didn't just put me, re-tied into Sir's car. I wanted him to know all of it. Not that it could make any difference now, but I wanted him to know. As Sir walked back to the house for a glass and something to eat James had returned. He grabbed the rope and pulled on it hard. I was lifted inches from the ground. Struggling, choking, he then booted me so I swung like a pendulum. I must have blacked out as the next thing I remember was lying flat on my back on the grass with my legs over James' shoulders as he violently fucked me. There was no feeling on his part, this was revenge. He was getting his money's worth. His breath came in grunts as he ground his thighs into mine until after only a couple of minutes he gasped and I felt him pump his spunk into my arse, warm wet and slippery. He withdrew, let go of my legs and put his weight on my chest. "Not only your mouth that's usable then," he laughed as he got up. Walking round he knelt at my head, one knee each side of my face holding my shoulders down. He was holding a hood which he went to put on me but stopped. Even in the dark I could see enough. Kneeling up he unzipped his jeans and pissed over my face saving some for the hood. Then he quickly pulled it over my face, hot, wet and rancid, tightening it swiftly so that some of his urine was held before it could run out down my neck. Flipping me over I was tied by the arms so tightly my shoulders felt like bursting but no sound, no sound. I kept my mouth firmly shut round the internal gag. His piss was everywhere inside that hood.  Finally he attached my ankles to a spreader and pulled me bodily up the field on my back and lifted me in one move into a car boot. Please God it was Sir's.

I wanted to let Master know all of that. I felt he should know. I was desperate to unload all those feelings which I had inside, being raped, being half strangled, the sheer abuse which Sir had never stooped to. I'd do anything, take anything from my Master. That was the bond between us. The more he gave the more I took the stronger the bond. But it was with him, no one else.
I dressed and got breakfast for Sir. Yesterday was over. Maybe we'd now get back to normal, which wasn't half bad for me recently. I got a bit nervous when I was told to kneel and saw Sir fetch the posture collar but after last night I was quite sure that a session of bondage couldn't be far away. Sir liked me bound as I pleasured him for as long as it took. He led me by a leash to the cellar steps, his beautiful leathered thighs inches from my face. I could smell the leather and it was turning me on. All I now wanted was to be allowed to suck his magnificent cock, to show him that he was the one, the only one who I would willingly serve. He pulled my wrists behind me and buckled them together. Now all I could see was his swelling crotch. I wanted him so much.

 He knelt meekly before me,his face barely an inch from the bulging black leather of my crotch.He clearly expected my cock to come out in the usual manner and be forced into his waiting throat. Instead I drew back my clenched, gloved right fist and brought it round to make contact with his face. He reeled back in shock but was checked by the leash that I still held tightly. He let out a cry of shock as the unhealed lip where James had punched him spilt blood down his chin and onto his chest. I quickly jabbed at him again catching him around the left eye and released my hold on the leash. He toppled to the dungeon floor and I swung my right boot, catching him square on the right shoulder, causing him to roll over onto his back. I quickly placed my boot on his chest just beneath his throat.
  The implication was obvious as I stood over him looking down into his face.For the first time since our relationship had begun I saw the look of fear in his eyes as he realised just what I might be capable of. His fear thrilled me sexually and I felt my cock jerk inside my leathers. It was at this point that I think we both knew that I could take him to the very edge, if not actually over it. He tried to protect himself from the kicks that I now aimed at him but with his wrists strapped securely behind his back his room for manouvre was extremely limited. He tried to curl into a ball but my next kick was aimed between his legs and the highly polished black boot hit home, crushing his soft, sensitive testicles and causing him to cry out in anguish.
   I stood back and watched him as he writhed on the stone dungeon floor.I knew that I had upped my brutality a notch.We had discussed this early in our relationship.It was the day I had first used the cavalry whip on him and I had regarded his bloody and bruised body after the vicious heavy whip had cut into him in several places.After I had bathed and dressed his wounds I had held him to me in bed and he had told me quietly that not only had he accepted the thrashing but had actually enjoyed the experience of suffering for his Master.Now recalling this my mind went back to the previous night when I had first seen his body hanging from that tree branch.Amongst the shock at what James had done to him was the strangely stirring eroticism of that situation.His power was diminished to the point where James could quite easily have taken his life merely by leaving him dangling on that rope as the weight of his own body squeezed the life from him.
  He managed to get himself to his knees and I picked up the rope that I had fashioned into a hangman's noose.He never tried to refuse any punishment that I decided upon but now he was shaking his head vigorously.His fear was palpable now and the effect on me was dramatic.I slipped the noose over his head and drew it tight.My cock felt as if it might burst now.He began to plead and I slapped him hard across the face as I hooked the end of the rope through the hook of the overhead hoist.The electric motor whirred and bladeboi rose to his feet,lifted by the neck.I didn't stop until he was taking his weight on the toes of his ankle boots,his heels well clear of the dungeon floor.
  I walked slowly around him as he emitted a soft choking sound as the noose restricted his air.His feet scrabbled to maintain their contact with the floor,he was stretched to the very limit.Another inch and he would be effectively hanged.His face began to turn red.I watched carefully for blueness around his lips.This was uncharted territory now,one moment of misjudgement and I knew that I would be working out how to dispose of the body.As much as I feared that outcome the raging excitement of my situation drove me on.His body twisted back and forth in the noose.I watched in morbid fascination as he fought desperately to avoid being hanged,to prevent the ever tightening noose from squeezing that last life giving oxygen out of his lungs as his supply became depleted.A cruel smile played across my lips as I watched this struggle for life or death.
  My gloved hand reached out and gripped his cock.It had become as erect as my own,a bead of pre cum dripped from the head as I realised that,bizarrely given the desperation of his situation,that his excitement matched my own.I slipped off my glove and took a bottle of oil and squirted a good measure into my palm before smearing it around his stiff member.I began to stroke him in long,slow firm strokes,each one starting at the base of his shaft and extending to the swollen purple head.It didn't take long before his whole body convulsed as the orgasm ripped through him.Strangely he was silent as the orgasm ran it's course.Normally he was very vocal and would squeal in pleasure but of course this relied upon him having air.As his shaking subsided I released the hoist and his body sagged to the floor.I reached down and loosened the noose.

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