Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Gardening 2

The rest of that day was quite memorable. Looking back at it from today, seven days later, I should have noticed the signs. They would at least have given me a clue to the fact that something was up. After the one lash of that whip I carried on mowing, straight this time. It got hotter and I dearly wanted to wipe my face or scratch in places where insects had landed or grass had stuck to my sweaty skin. Sir sat fiddling with a small parcel he had on the bench next to him, occasionally looking up at me and stroking his crotch. The grass definitely needed a cut and consequently the grass box kept filling. He had to get up, collect the box, walk up the garden to the compost heap and empty it then return to the mower. It gave me a couple of minutes rest every couple of lengths. Suited me fine but it didn't suit him. After about three excursions he'd had enough. He told me I'd have to do it myself but before he unlocked the manacles he said he'd let me try out his new purchase. I thought it was a new cock harness the way he undid the zips on the pouch and pulled out my balls but I then noticed it was slightly bigger than that. He tightened two bands around my cock after first giving it enough exercise to bring it horizontal and followed that by enclosing a small black box in the shorts as he did them up again. It felt cold but in no way painful.
"Ok boi, back to the mowing. Any slacking and I press this button." he held up a small remote in his hand. I obviously looked curious, a mistake. He took this as an invitation to demonstrate, pressed it and I fell to my knees with the shock that hit my genitals. Chuckling he unlocked my wrists.
"Nothing new about the science, but this one works over a greater distance. I'm going to the porch for a cold beer but I'll be watching. Even if I can't see you I'll hear the mower. Better make sure the sound remains constant." He touched the button again and my hand shot to my groin to alleviate the pain, with no success.
"And I'll give you 30 seconds to empty the box, after that it's show time."
It took me roughly fifty minutes to finish the job although it felt like a couple of hours. I managed to "earn" several zaps in that time, either being too slow at the grass emptying or too slow at the pushing although I felt sure his time keeping was a matter of opinion. He zapped me once as I was carrying the full grass box and I emptied it over the lawn as I bent double in pain. That earned another which caught me as I quickly scooped up the cuttings with my hands. I fancied I could hear him laughing quietly from the house.

Once everything was finished with the grass and I'd cleaned the blades I put all the equipment back into the shed. The leather was rubbing on my thighs now and my body was in great need of a shower. I walked back to the house and stood in front of the doors to the conservatory waiting for Sir to appear. He did so within a couple of minutes and handed me leather restraints to buckle onto my ankles and wrists. I was then told to follow him. We went through the kitchen, into the hall and down the steps to the cellar. I shivered as the cool air found my damp skin and made my nipples stand erect. I suppose that he'd had enough of a rest this afternoon and now wanted some fun, something to play with. Of course I was the toy.
The roof of the cellar had some natural beams built in but we had added more in a design that crisscrossed the original pattern so that when hooks or eyes were screwed into the wood there were so many combinations for bondage and suspension we'd never be at a loss. Today was no exception. My wrists were clipped to ropes that pulled my arms up and out wide, my ankles to similar points behind me. When the hoist was activated I was spread eagled about four feet from the ground in a shallow upward curve. The hoist motors could raise or lower each limb independently if needed. Sir raised me further so that he could once again unzip the pouch holding the electro box. This time he set it to activate on movement, the more I moved the closer together and more powerful the shocks would become. He then redid the zipper and lowered me until I was in line with his thighs.
"This should be interesting boi," he said reaching for his flogger, heavy black leather tails some of which had vicious little knots tied at their ends. "I'll flog you. I won't touch the remote. If you move too much in your upside down hammock position then you'll shock yourself. That'll be your fault of course. I don't advise moving much though as it's set to max as its ultimate stopping point."
I looked at the concrete floor beneath me. My arms were straining now, the weight of my body after a couple of hours hard pushing that mower was taking its toll. He had them positioned slightly higher than my legs specifically so that they would be taking more of the weight. I knew from experience that the flogger would make me swing from side to side even if I didn't buck or struggle from the heavy blows they delivered, I had no chance of stopping that movement unless I pulled on my arms to tighten my body between the bonds. I could hardly do that shocks or no shocks.
The first blow came. He aimed at my shoulders which meant a few leather tails extended round and under my arm pits. That made me scream immediately and I jerked in pain as the involuntary spasm rocked through me. Nothing happened at first. The second lash followed the same pattern making me thrash as the flogger bit into the tender flesh on my sides. This activated the first shock, mild but enough to make me jolt again in that position. I heard him give a satisfying sigh. Although the heavy leather shorts were protecting my arse he made sure that my back, chest and legs were well used, aiming especially for the insides of my thighs as he walked round me taking pot shots with the whip tails. I jerked and yelled as they ploughed into my legs arching my body upwards in pain, collapsing as the electro tore my cock open from the inside. I was no longer shivering, my sweat ran in tiny rivulets over my forehead onto my lips where they met at my chin and dropped onto the dull stone floor. He made several circuits of my suspended form as it jerked in unison with the flogging followed by the electric shocks that pulsed through my crotch. He made sure I felt both by giving a ten second pause between strokes, just enough for the pulse to crank up to full power before letting me fall back from the contorted shapes it was pulling me into only to meet with the agony of the whip tearing my forearm or shoulder. Openly crying and without the energy to scream I began to fall into that semi oblivion called sub space. The blows stopped and I hung almost still, my chest heaving slightly as my breathing returned to normal. The shocks finished as there was no movement to initiate further pulses of power. Sir stood at my head and, unfastening his leathers, offered me his magnificent cock. It stood rampant from his groin rejoicing in the freedom it felt after straining inside it's leather cage, oozing precum. He pulled my hair up and I opened my mouth, eager to suck him dry but with almost no energy with which to act. He sensed my inability and thrust himself into me pushing himself down my throat until I retched, gasping for air as his crotch covered my face. This made the electro work, my suppressed yell of surprise opening my jaws even further. My choking gurgling yelling was finally quashed by the river of spunk that was being pumped into me as he came with the force of a cascade. I very nearly passed out with the sudden pain from the newly activated electrodes together with the suffocating effects of his cock as his hands forced my face into a position that enabled him to push his whole length down my throat.
I collapsed, if you can call it that, bound as I was, as he let go and swung gently from the ropes attached to my restraints. After deactivating the electro box he slowly lowered me into a sitting position where he could untie the ropes from the D rings and then swung me over his right shoulder, easily taking my weight up the stairs. When he got to his room he threw me face up onto the bed and began to unlock the shorts I was wearing. Taking them off I felt his hands gently massaging my balls and sensed my cock growing in anticipation. His mouth met mine and his tongue explored my mouth as his hand started it's rhythm up and down my now fast hardening organ. I don't think I consciously felt I wanted to cum, my whole body gave itself up to his attentions and I floated on waves that grew until I exploded in his grasp. I felt him next to me, his leathers warm to the touch as we lay there with the evening sun lighting the room.

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